Spice Gets Into the Season

Some might say it’s only because her favorite napping spot is next to the Christmas tree. But I think she likes the holidays for themselves, and because the Christmas tree has many compelling ornaments to bat around.

Hope your Thursday has been merry and bright, folks.

11 Comments on “Spice Gets Into the Season”

  1. It’s been dreadful. The U.K. equivalent of Trump has just won a landslide victory, and we don’t have the Constitutional safeguards that you do. Thank you for the picture of Spice; it lifted my heart when I thought nothing could…

  2. @Stevie – My sympathies. I’m trying to have hope for us for 2020 and I’m struggling.

  3. @Kara

    Keep struggling! The slime ball’s who are doing this want us to despair.

    And so I will not!

  4. I miss seeing pictures of the Scamperbeasts.

    My Thursday consisted of sleeping off and on. We got home at 1:30am and I went to bed at 2:45am. It was the first night I wasn’t sleeping on a bed of nails.

  5. How nice to see some tasteful glitter and a thoughtful looking cat (what to bat around next).

  6. We haven’t yet put up our holiday tree, much to the disappointment of our two young cats who consider it their personal playground. When I do put the tree up, I have to bolt it to a sheet of plywood and then bungie-cord the plywood to an oak table just to keep the tree vertical, and I spend my days picking up ornaments from where they wind up after being flung from the branches.

    On the bright side, the resulting photos of cats lurking in the branches of a decorated holiday tree have been featured in our holiday cards for the past two years, producing amused reactions from the recipients, so it’s not all bad.

    Happiest of holidays to Spice and her fellow Scamperbeasts, and to all the Scalzi clan.

  7. Basically, your tree becomes a huge cat toy.
    I remember many nights listening to our cat chasing ornaments, skittering all over the hardwood floors. Occasionally having to right a listing tree in the am.

  8. Shortly after my wife and I were married, we purchased a flocked tree for our seasonal decoration – without realizing the implications.

    We went to bed with a beautifully decorated flocked tree in the living room. When we woke in the morning, we were greeted with multiple white cats and a completely unflocked tree. That was the first and only time we have used a flocked tree.

    – Tom –

  9. With 2 cats, Christmas decorating must be cat-proof, or there shall be many episodes of ‘down from the library came a loud PING!/ from a vase which was commonly said to be Ming’, save that it would be ornaments. In the living room, with a Christmas tree /Clue.