View From a Hotel Window, 12/16/19: NYC

And my very last business trip of the year. Downtown NYC is very vertical. I’m here meeting with Tor about The Last Emperox, which comes out in a few months. We have plans. Then back home tomorrow, for the rest of 2019.

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  1. I’d love it if, once day, we could get a fully-illustrated edition of this trilogy. I would LOVE to see some art of Kiva.

  2. Any chance for a reading and/or similar appearance? If so, when would that be?

    The Flatiron is looking a bit shop-worn, but no one denies how it is one of those signature buildings, a clear sign that you’re in Manhattan.

  3. That’s A flatiron-shaped building, but not THE Flatiron Building, which has no tall neighbors. Tor (and the rest of Macmillan USA) are now in downtown’s huge former Equitable Building.

  4. Welcome! I was going to mention it but johntshea did already: NOT the Flatiron. You can tell because Broadway on the side of the Flatiron is wider up there (23rd Street). Funny, because I was looking at a poster of the Flatiron for twenty minutes this afternoon in the doctor’s office while waiting for her.

    I love it too. And it is weird inside. Years ago we went up to St Martin’s Press where a friend was going to meet his editor, and it is as narrow as you’d expect from the outside.

    Sorry for the crappy weather, John. Today just cold but expect rain starting tonight and continuing all of tomorrow. Still, it is better than the layer of ice expected 50 to 100 miles upstate of us.

  5. So the building pictured is NOT “the” Flatiron building. Is it also NOT “the” Beaver building? When I first saw John Wick I mistook The Continental for The Flatiron. Turns out, it’s The Beaver.

  6. Pics like this make it easy to imagine someone with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider jumping and swinging from building to building.

  7. Interesting that these ‘plans’ can not be handled over the internet/skype etc. Very interesting. (Thoughtfully strokes beard while pondering ponderously…)

  8. Ah, the Flatiron! The president of Springer took me onto that balcony in the 80s and said “This is where we dangle recalcitrant editors.”

  9. I ‘enjoyed’ my first touristy, um, tour of NYC the last 2 weeks of October this year! It is indeed a tall building (so many people, so much compensation). I doubt in all honesty I’ll ever go back even though we obviously only hit a fraction of our list of ‘possible things to see’! Still, it has come in handy during various reading or movie watching experiences since then! (ref. Blake Crouch especially)

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