Athena wishes to let you know that today she is twenty one years old!

But Krissy does not approve of Athena’s manner of celebrating her birthday!

There, that’s better.

A very happy birthday to my daughter, who is one of my favorite humans, ever.

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  1. Happy birthday to Athena! And if rum is her preferred tipple, I recommend Papa’s Pilar Blond. Or anything from Diplomatica. Just sayin’.

  2. For a moment you had me ready to say: “don’t drink that crap” but then mom stepped in to show her the true path. Life is too short to waste on drinking mass market stuff. Find your local craft distillery in find out what good spirits are like. You won’t go back. (And the prices you’ll pay, won’t likely drink excessively either!)

  3. Happy Birthday Athena!!!

    but keep in mind….

    Tequila = Ta Kill Ya
    There is only one TRUE RUM……Goslings Black Seal!!

  4. Indeed; happy 21st birthday, Athena, and I am delighted to see that Krissie has taught you that if you are going to drink alcohol it should be good alcohol.

    If you develop a palate for single malt whisky – my own favourite – it will not be cheap but it will provide you with value for money: think of it as investment drinking. And that’s enough commentary: enjoy!

  5. Teach your children to drink well, and you’ll always have someone to drink with.

    I was stationed in Dam Neck, Virginia on my 21st. My shipmates took me out on the town and did what sailors do when they’re old enough to drink legally in CONUS. My father did not call, though. He called at 6:00AM the next morning. Which would have been 3:00AM his time.

    I miss that guy.

  6. That’s some superior parenting there, I’d say….

    Congratulations on your 21st birthday, Athena!

    And to Athena’s parents, may I just extend my thanks for all that you contributed to the process of adding a genuinely wonderful human to the world. In my very subjective opinion, we do not have nearly enough of that type of human, and I am very grateful for every single one that’s out there.

  7. Happy birthday to Athena!

    Lucky young woman to have wise parents who can provide important life lessons, like: “Life’s too short to drink bad booze.”

    Also, Merry/Happy/Joyous/Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Holidays to the Scalzi clan. May 2020 be the brightest and most joyful yet!

  8. Best wishes to you all.Happy Birthday Athena. Valium for Krissy!?! :) John…basement, stat. Happy Holidays, Scalzis.

  9. Vodka’s my preferred tipple, with much love for Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

    Meanwhile, happy 21st birthday Athena! Woo hoo!

  10. Happy Birthday Athena!!
    Where are the lemons and salt?
    I didn’t have to wait till 21. I turned 18 in 1974. Part of the few years that the drinking age was 18 in NJ. Just a quick trip from Philly, over the bridge to Roger Wilco!

  11. Happy birthday, Athena! I hope you got lotsa booze to celebrate!

    On another note, do your friends and family give you just one present for both birthday and Christmas? ‘Cause mine is on 22nd and that’s what they’ve been doing since I was old enough to appreciate prezzies.

  12. This is like one of those National Lampoon Photofunnies.

    BTW, single malt Scotch is the birthday drink of champions. Happy birthday!

  13. I guffawed.

    Happy Birthday, Young Scalzi. Drink a LOT of water before turning in.

  14. Your family is very funny.
    (I know nothing about the drinks, but I think I spot a honey bee on the second label, so that seems like reason enough to switch.)

  15. Thanks to the earlier comments which explained the joke about the bottles, which I was too ignorant to get. I was going to ask. (I figured it was alcohol, but had had no idea why she should drink the one rather than the other.)

    It reminds me that, on my 21st birthday, an older friend took me out and bought me a beer. Thus began a brief educational process that confirmed that I do not like beer.

  16. Happy Birthday Kid Scalzi! And good for Mom! Life is too short, always drink the expensive stuff!

  17. I feel like I have watched Athena grow up here on Whatever. I have always thought she is someone special.
    Happy birthday. You go girl.

  18. Happy happy HAPPY birthday Athena! Live long and prosper!

    Note to Papa Scalzi: You ever think of drawing your own comic strip? This photo sequence…

  19. Happy birthday Athena!

    I hope she has the same experience as me about Christmas and birthdays and presents – that is, that seasonal family gathering would provide for more opportunities to receive presents and wishes than some of my distant cousins born, say in March or July, had. ;-)

    Best wishes for a great 2020!!!

  20. (sssshhhhh, Athena. If you’re going to drink rum — and you absolutely should — drink Myers on the rocks.)

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