Merry Christmas, Everyone

Hope it’s been lovely. Mine was.

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  1. Mine has indeed been lovely, thanks – plenty of laughter and good food with people I love, so pretty much exactly what I hope for each year. Joyous holiday greetings to you and yours, and may the year to come be graced with health and happiness.

  2. Very Merry to you and yours! I’m having a rare winter visit from my older daughter & two grandkids (they live way up north in an area hard to travel out of in the winter, and are farmers to boot, but they made the trek!). We’re Jewish (well, culturally; atheist/secular as a practical matter), and not really Christmas folks normally. We lit some Chanukah candles last night (with an improvised candle-lighting song to the tune of the traditional prayer). My granddaughter, age 12, requested a “Jewish Christmas”… so we ordered a heap of Chinese food delivered and watched a movie! (Grandson chose “The Favourite.”) Fire crackling in the woodstove, everybody stuffed and sprawled, including the cat (he was stuffed on his homemade food, made earlier that day by me & daughter, not chow mein, just to be clear). Good times.

  3. Our local dinner group did observe traditional Jewish Christmas (Chinese food, in this case dim sum brunch, and some people went to see Star Wars), but one of the local Indian restaurants does a buffet with several regional Indian cuisines and also some Christmas stuff, so a partly-overlapping group of us went there for evening dinner. (On Thanksgiving they have turkey, stuffing, etc.)

    We did church service on Christmas eve as well (mostly music this year; the “little kids dressed up as shepherds and sheep” cuteness was on Sunday.)

    The cats have already hidden their new catnip toy somewhere.

  4. I worked Christmas Eve night 11-7 so I brought a cake to celebrate my birthday (Christmas baby) with my work family and then went to my niece’s house to celebrate with my sister and my niece’s family. Afterwards, we met my brother at old friends/childhood neighbors. I finally got home at 3:30pm and promptly went to bed and crashed until 10pm. Exhausting day but it was great.
    I hope you had a wonderful day with Krissy and your daughter and also Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter.. I also hope that Santa was good to the Scamperbeasts and brought them lots and lots of treats.

  5. The most important thing is that its over. I wish no one ill will or anything like that, but for various reasons I am a true holiday hater!

  6. One more caloric high point in the Great Thanksgiving Through New Years Eating Holiday!

  7. A warning from the ghost of christmas past (last night): there is a new Christmas Carol movie with Guy Pearce as Scrooge and Andy Serkis as Ghost of Xmas Past. Unless you have a strong patroneus spell, do not watch it. It will leave you feeling like a dementor sucked out part of your soul. Not that it is a badly done movie. Pearce and Serkis do a great job. But the message of the story was changed from “redemtion” to “unforgivable” and will leave the audience feeling pretty low. Also feeling kinda icky for one particular change to the story.

  8. “I mean, yesterday was only the first day of Christmas. We’ve still got until Epiphany to go.”
    Amen! A man after my own heart! Today, St. Stephen’s Day, is a big day here in Ireland, and we celebrate New Year’s Eve and Little Christmas (Epiphany) and, in my family, Russian Christmas. Meanwhile, I hope Krissy and you exchanged the traditional partridges in pear trees!

  9. While it might not have been the Christmas I would have preferred (was unable to get back to Ohio for either Christmas or Thanksgiving this year), having a home-cooked dinner with one of my best friends was not a bad outcome.

  10. Happy Holidays .
    Love You
    Love your/ our ladies.
    Keep writing I loved you when you hadn’t written a thing. Keep writing.

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