The 10s in Review: Krissy, in Photos

Many of them taken around Christmas, because apparently that’s when I take pictures of my wife (I mean, aside from all the other times). In mostly chronological order, starting with Christmas 2010.

Yes, she can take a good photo. Also, I love her a whole lot. But you all knew that. The fact is I take so many pictures of her because I just like looking at her, and I feel giddy every time I do. It’s a nice feeling. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

12 Comments on “The 10s in Review: Krissy, in Photos”

  1. I’ll note that possibly my favorite picture of this series is the only one I didn’t take, the one from the “Warrior Dash.” Pretty much only Krissy could be in an actual mud pit and still look that good.

  2. I admire Krissy’s willingness to go grey. I’m 36, with greys popping through all the time, and I’m wishing I had that confidence.

  3. As a fellow goddess-type (brown hair/eyes, full body, warm smile, eyes radiating intelligence and kindness), I was marveling at the way your adoration of your wife seemed to leak through to the camera lens, which in turn, seemed to relish capturing all of the nuances of your wife’s casual beauty so it’s kind of hard not to develop a bit of a crush on her by the end there. Cheers!

  4. Your black and whites have really good texture.
    Do you have a 1.4 lens? I’m a fan of bokeh for portraits.

  5. I only hope I am lucky enough to meet a man who I end up adoring the way she obviously adores you.

  6. When someone looks great in photos, we like to say the “camera loves you”. In these photos, I think it is pretty obvious that YOU love your wife. And she is a stunning subject. Beautiful photos!

  7. Scroll…Scroll…Scroll…LOL…Scroll. And completely worth the effort. A most beautiful subject and a great photographer, as we’ve come to expect from you both!

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