Miscellaneous Photos, 2019

A small sampling of photos (and photo manipulations) I took this year but otherwise did not post on Whatever. If you like these, there is a slightly larger collection here. Enjoy.

14 Comments on “Miscellaneous Photos, 2019”

  1. Pretty sure I’ve said this about various photos you’ve posted in years past, but there’s bookcover potential in some of these. Not necessarily for your own books, but maybe someone else’s highbrow/mainstream/literary work? That b&w lamppost is just crying out for a vertical title running up beside its shaft. And some cropping on the Smudge photo could make it perfect for a volume in some hypothetical AGENT OF S.M.U.D.G.E. mens’ cats’-adventure series.

  2. Smudge working on his first book , no doubt. Is he going into the science fiction arena, or some other genre?

  3. I don’t assume that’s Smudge’s first book. He probably wrote Android’s Dream or something.

  4. Thanks much for the Flickr pointer!

    As for the lamp post…maybe in the older parts of South Gotham Island such things are still standing in service…or modernized versions of the old standards with LEDs where old-style bulbs or gaslight arrangements used to be?

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