A Cat Picture to Take You Into the First Weekend of 2020

And as you can see, Sugar is thrilled.

As for me, Krissy and Athena are off on a spa weekend, so I am left to my own devices. It’s going to be a wild weekend, and by “wild” I mean I am likely to sleep through most of it. The cats are good role models here.

7 Comments on “A Cat Picture to Take You Into the First Weekend of 2020”

  1. Aww…I love all your critters, but Sugar is my fave – I don’t know why. Followed very closely by crazy Smudge.

    Thanks for the zen photo!

  2. Man-cation! Time to watch all those movies you know they wouldn’t like, cook manly meals with too much meat and too little nutritional virtue, and stomp around. Enjoy!

  3. Isn’t that Spice? I thought Stuart was more muted in color. I love them all and think you should make it a policy to set up 52 weeks of Thank the Cats its Friday post for the mental enrichment of your followers. (Seriously serious.)