What I Am Doing With My Bachelor Weekend

You can’t tell me I don’t know how to live.

How’s your Saturday?

18 Comments on “What I Am Doing With My Bachelor Weekend”

  1. My Saturday is a little rocky. My next door neighbor is being a pain where I sit.

    It’s raining and cold and I have the blahs.

    I think I will grab a book by my favorite author JMS
    And settle in and be happy.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your bachelor weekend as much as I suspect Krissy and Athena are enjoying their spa weekend.

    My Saturday is going well, thanks for asking. Had a nice breakfast with my spouse at our favorite local hangout, took the two younger cats to the vet for annual check-ups and rabies shots (they enchanted the vet and her assistant, of course), dropped off a couple of kitchen chairs to be repaired, and we just got back from our weekly grocery shopping. It’s chilly, but the sun is shining brightly, and that makes me happy.

    Have fun with your guitar and your drums and your burritos and your cats, sir. And to all who stop by, enjoy your weekend as well.

  3. Thursday was a crappy day so I declared that we were having ice cream for dinner. From a shop, too!

    Friday I saw the newest Jumanji. It was laugh out loud funny, and explanations required for the old characters to understand what happened, made a brilliant introduction for all the grandparents in the audience.

    Saturday I’m baking 4-5 different batches of cookies for co-workers (if I do it around Christmas, the cookies get stale waiting for people to return from vacation). I’m living dangerously: all but one recipe are new to me. Appropriate sampling occurs, of course.

    Tomorrow is Get Stuff Done day.

  4. Rockin’ the bachelor life like only a middle aged man can pull off. Go you!!

    Cold and clear in northern California made for a beautiful hike in Helen Putman Regional Park this morning. Followed by a delicious visit to the Petaluma Pie Company. Now for a quilt, a cat, and a book. What more can a girl ask for?

  5. Surely there is a burrito your wife would never let you eat, and now is your chance to post it to the internet for us.

  6. I can see why you were not allowed to buy a Stratocaster. Are the cats still speaking to you?

  7. Okay, that’s a 6-string hollow body guitar that’s amped. What sort of amp and effects? I have two epiphone les pauls (very hard to get lefty Gibson guitars these days) that go into an Orange Crush 35RT combo amp with a bad stone phase shifter and big muff pi fuzz pedals.

    Is the delay between what you’re doing and the sound a product of the recording or an effects delay? Wild sound.

  8. My Saturday was a bachelor one as well. My wife and kid are in Melbourne.

    I spent it as a climate change refugee. I had to flee the two bushfires threatening our home.

    So, yeah. Fun.

  9. I have somewhat resurrected from the Great Pandemic, so as I cannot brain so good, I am sitting about and playing Naval Action. Racing a cargo over the Caribbean in a Trader Brig is rather soothing.

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