First Pass Oscar Predictions, 2020

You know what? I genuinely can’t generate any enthusiasm for thinking about the Oscar slate at all this year, so, yeah, I’m gonna take a pass and maybe come back to it in 2021. I feel pretty good about this decision, honestly.

Get Signed/Personalized Copies of The Last Emperox From Subterranean Press

We’ll be announcing my tour dates for The Last Emperox soon, but in the meantime I understand that not everyone can get out to see me when I’m on tour, either because I’m not coming to a town they are near, or because they are pinned by a large automobile and literally can’t move (or something like that).

In either of these cases (and some others as well), there is an alternative: You can order a copy of The Last Emperox from Subterranean Press, and just before I go on tour I will go up to their warehouse and sign (and if requested, personalize) those copies of the book, so you can have a copy that I myself have scribbled in, delivered right to your door.

In all seriousness this is a pretty great way to get a signed copy of the book if you’re not going to be able to see me on tour. And also, SubPress usually feeds me when I go up to sign the books, so I get a free lunch out of it, too. Everybody wins!

(Also, if you’re actually, like, pinned under a car, please take care of that first before you send in the order. I want you to be able to enjoy the book later. See? I do care.)

Dispatcher 2: Done!

For those of you who were wondering if there would ever be a sequel to The Dispatcher, the answer is: Yes. I have literally just now finished writing it, and it is good, if I do say so myself. Like the original, it is a novella, and it will be an Audible exclusive audiobook first, and then available in print/ebook via Subterranean Press some months after that.

And no, Dispatcher 2 is not the actual title. It will have a different and much less numerical title very soon, i.e., after I give my brain a tiny bit of a rest.

Also, at the moment in time there is no other information available, including release dates, narrator for the audiobook, or anything else. As noted, I have literally just finished writing it. I need to dunk my fingers in ice water. Everything else is to come. Rest assured I will let you know things when I know things.

In the meantime: Yay! I’m done with something! And it’s only the 13th of January! It’s been a productive 2020 so far.