Daily Archives: January 16, 2020

The Big Idea: Parker Peevyhouse

At first blush, the ability to do anything sounds like a great idea. But there are reasons that it wouldn’t be… especially when you’re writing a novel. Parker Peevyhouse explains why, and how reining it all in made a difference for Strange Exit. PARKER PEEVYHOUSE: When you live in a simulation, anything is possible. But […]

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The Last Emperox Gets a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly has dropped their review of The Last Emperox, and, well: Hugo Award–winner Scalzi knocks it out of the park with the tightly plotted, deeply satisfying conclusion to his Interdependency Sequence space opera trilogy… Balancing existing character dynamics and surprising—but well-earned—reveals with interstellar politics and pressing ethical questions of sustainability and power, Scalzi sends his […]

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