Off to Chicago; Here’s a Cat

I’ll be in Chicago over the next few days to hang out with friends and do a little business so updates here may be sporadic. Please accept this cat as compensation for my likely mostly absence through Monday. It’s a fair trade.

11 Comments on “Off to Chicago; Here’s a Cat”

  1. kirizar – Michigan – I am all things to all people. As long as people are looking for a mom with diverse interests and a homebound tendency to look through the window of life and wish (or imagine) something just a little bit different. I am like the Tardis on Doctor Who. I am much bigger on the inside.

    Plaid cat is definitely an upgrade.

  2. When you see a blissful expression like that on a cat it means she’s daydreaming about you being small enough for her to bat around with her paws and then eat.

  3. You know they just diagnosed the second case of that Chinese Coronavirus in Chicage, right? Not saying it was man-made but you know, it was totally man-made! Years of reading bad dystopian fiction is finally going to pay off for me!

  4. “Years of reading bad dystopian fiction…” Is there such a thing as *good* dystopian fiction? I’m old enough to remember when the future was so bright we had to wear shades ;-)

    Meanwhile, John, Chicago? Craving deep kielbasa dish pizza accompanied by the sound of ambulance sirens? ;-)

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