A Brief Overview of My Current Political Thoughts

I’ve not been writing on politics nearly as much as I have in previous times, in part because in this age of obvious corruption and complicity, I find it difficult and wearying, without the motivating prod of actually being paid for it, to write anything that I haven’t already said in broad and unambiguous terms.

That being said, I understand it’s useful from time to time to keep people up to date on these matters so they don’t have to go rummaging through the archives to find my thoughts. And thus: Brief statements on current political thoughts. In no particular order:

1. The president is the worst president of my lifetime, who is ignorant, bigoted, incurious, corrupt, has almost certainly engaged in criminal conduct before and after he was in office, is either a complicit or unwitting tool for the Russian government and its goals, never should have been in a position to become president, and now that he is president, should be removed from the office, whether through a Senate trial or simply by losing the popular (again) and electoral vote later this year.

2. Per the previous, the president amply deserved to be impeached by the House of Representatives, and amply deserves to be removed from the office he holds by the Senate. That he will not be removed, and that the vote for removal will not be anywhere near to close, is proof that the current iteration of the Republican party is complicit in the president’s criminality and has become little better than a criminal enterprise in itself.

3. Among the current Democratic candidates for president, I currently favor Elizabeth Warren and if I were a Democrat, would likely vote for her in the Ohio primary. With that said, all of the current Democratic candidates for president are substantially better than the current president (even Tulsi Gabbard, who I find deeply problematic but has no chance of being president, so I’m not going to worry much about her), so no matter which of them makes it through the primary process, I will be voting for them in November. Given the realities of our binary political system, anyone who says they oppose Trump but is not willing to vote for whoever it is that is on the Democratic side of the ballot in November is a complicit tool of Trump and the Republicans.

4. Foreign and domestic interests are currently doing as much as possible to suppress the vote of non-Trump supporters, online and offline. Register to vote, check that your registration is current if you did register, and be aware that all those highly clickable and repostable memes are designed to make you angry, confused, susceptible to misinformation and a vector for spreading misinformation to others. You should be smarter than that, and you should frustrate the people who do not want you to cast your ballot in November.

Aaaaand that should cover it for now, I think? Mind you, I might still write more about politics here if the mood strikes me, because that’s how this site works. But if I don’t, this is my current state of thinking. It’s not complicated! But in times like this, where one of the two major parties of the country is so wholly engaged in criminality and complicity, I think that’s fine.