Krissy in Her Happy Place

She’s got a baby and she’s a got a cat, and she’s clearly pleased about both. Hope your day found you in a happy place as well.

13 Comments on “Krissy in Her Happy Place”

  1. Um… where’d the baby come from, Scalzi? Did you forget to share something with us? 🤨

  2. I am sure the cat can handle it. When my son was about 2, he decided the cat was going to behave like the dog when he tried to do the same things with the cat he did with the dog. Nope. The cat reached out, with one claw, and “binked” him on the cheek. Predictable response to the “blinking”. He learned fast. Had that small scar for many years. A few years later, he and the cat were tight buds.

    I can prove that any adult – and we have all seen *ugly* adults who, we know, were *ugly* as children. My proof? They are still alive. A baby has to be cute to just one semi-functional adult until the age of 3 or 4. By that time, they are basically functional primates – feed, clean, dress, etc themselves. As long as they have access to food and water, they can function and live.

    But – cute baby! Is Krissy trying out the model before buying it?

  3. Cute little girl. I Love babies as long as they belong to someone else and go home with them. Lol

  4. The baby is definitely plotting something; the cat is as well but that’s the normal status with cats. However, all three look to be in their happy place and that’s worth celebrating…

  5. What an absolutely lovely picture. Happy Chrissy, extremely happy Zeus, and Baby taking it all in. This is a great capture of a moment.

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that Zeus was the junior kitty. Time marches on.

    Care to tell us what the baby did within the next 30 seconds or so? I’m not sure she was plotting but she definitely seems to be coming to a decision.

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