And Now For Valentine’s Day, This Perfect Cover of “Perfect”

Which, for the record (heh), I think is a better version than the original, not in the least because the instrumentation is more on point for the song, and also for whatever it is that Miss Sunny Holiday is doing over there in the corner during the song (yes, I know about the Sheeran/Beyonce version. I like this one better than that one, too).

I hope you’re having a fine Valentine’s Day.

9 Comments on “And Now For Valentine’s Day, This Perfect Cover of “Perfect””

  1. That is a great version. I just can’t get past the line “you between my arms”. It sounds like a bad translation of English and brings to mind a a Frankenstein’s monster or robot that can’t rotate its arms to hug something. And that makes me sad. Happy V Day!

  2. And, for what it’s worth, “Postmodern Jukebox” is an amazing entity and does some pretty fabulous covers.

  3. Thoughts, in order:

    1) WOW.
    2) Not normally a big fan of the 50s nostalgia, but WOW. This works SO WELL.
    3) If Miss Sunny Holiday is the young lass in the white dress who appears to be reading the Bible, well, my money is her Bible is open to the Song of Solomon.
    4) New Epic Sax Guy.
    5) WOW.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Beautiful! On the chance you have not, if you do get an opportunity to see one of the Postmodern Jukebox shows live, take it. I’ve been lucky enough to see them two years in a row and it’s just an incredible show.

  5. Thanks!
    I’ll second Jason Smith; see Postmodern Jukebox live if you get the chance. The cast is rotating and always a great show.

  6. Bookish wallflower removes eyeglasses, hair clip; transforms into sexy siren. Εκεί είσαι Έρως! Yeuch. No complaints otherwise. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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