The First Rule of Nap Club is Never Talk About Nap Club

The second rule of Nap Club is…. zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Which is to say it’s a slow day around the Scalzi Compound this Monday.

9 Comments on “The First Rule of Nap Club is Never Talk About Nap Club”

  1. I notice the Smudge was not enjoying the nappy bliss. Banished to the outdoors by the older cats, or just having an attack of the zoomies?

  2. It’s strange to think of Zeus as the senior cat. Or as a senior cat, for that matter.

    BTW, something of yours came up in my Google News feed. The icon was the famous picture of Ghlaghghee with bacon taped to her.

  3. Do you suppose that if I live a good life and advance my soul, I could get reincarnated as a Scalzi cat? ‘Cause they are living the life that I want for myself right now.

  4. Top 10 things I have in common with cats:

    1) A desire to sleep all afternoon

    If you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to think of some others…


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