Tour Dates! Tour Dates! Tour Dates!

Hey, wanna come see me on tour for The Last Emperox? Sure you do! And now we have dates for all of the events, courtesy of, whose listings I am totally cutting and pasting right here and now:

April 14
Boston, MA
Brookline Booksmith @ The Coolidge Theater

April 15
New York, NY
The Strand

April 16
Boulder, CO
Boulder Bookstore

April 18-19
Los Angeles, CA
LA Times Festival of Books – more details to come

April 20
Seattle, WA
University Bookstore @ University Temple Methodist Church

April 21
Portland, OR
Barnes and Noble / Clackamas

April 22
Raleigh, NC
Quail Ridge Books

April 23
Houston, TX
Brazos Bookstore

April 24
Birmingham, AL
Books-A-Million (Brookwood Village)

April 28
Cincinnati, OH

April 29
Sidney, OH
Amos Memorial Public Library

April 30
Parma, OH
Cuyahoga Library

May 1
Menlo Park, CA
Kepler’s Books — More details to come!

May 2-3
Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Book Festival — More details to come!

May 9
Minneapolis, MN
WordPlay Festival — More details to come!

That’s a lot of places to see me. And yes, if you’re not in one of these places, I’m sorry I missed you this time. But it gives you an excuse for a road trip!

I’m currently traveling so this is it for this page at the moment, but I plan to update it later, when I’m at home and not, like, a little bit dazed from air travel. Promise.

26 Comments on “Tour Dates! Tour Dates! Tour Dates!”

  1. It’s a shame about the timing of your Portland stop. That’s the very day that we’re flying to the east coast for a vacation. (By the time you start your reading, we’ll be in New Jersey.)

    Oh well…

  2. Not sure how much control you have over this, but the ticketing link for Seattle says 3/20 and not 4/20.

  3. Also, Kepler’s is in Menlo Park, CA, not Belmont. I mean, unless they moved or something. Their website still says Menlo so I assume this is a typo. I realize the difference is like a 15min train ride, but still.

  4. Yikes, that itinerary looks brutal – bouncing back and forth between the coasts like that would play hell with my circadian rhythms. You are both younger and stronger than I am, just please take care of yourself through that marathon.

    I won’t get to see you on this trip but you’ve visited my hometown before and probably will again. And I’ve already got my signed/personalized books ordered from Sub Press, so while I won’t be able to hear your reading, I will get my fix of Kiva (and so will my sibling, who’s getting a copy for the winter holiday). Thanks for sharing the details, and safe travels.

  5. John,

    You may wish to check your Seattle date. You’re saying April 20 but the University Bookstore is say March 20.

  6. I’d be up for a rod trip, but there is a pesky Pacific Ocean half the size of the planet’s surface in the way.

  7. FYI I think Kepler’s is in Menlo Park, unless they’ve moved since the holidays. Granted Belmont is closer to my home but I would t want to hear about wandering forlornly around the mid Peninsula… 😆

  8. We can still just show up on your stoop and get books signed that way, too, right? I’ll even bring my own pen.

  9. So excited you’re planning to come to Berkeley. I’m marking it on the calendar right now: ‘5/3 – J.S. coming over for dinner’ I know you’re not actually coming over, but it’s just a minor embellishment. Unless you want to come over for dinner. In that case, please do. You can meet my cats, they’ve heard all about you.

  10. Glad to see there will be another Woodstock. But perhaps you mean to come to Minneapolis for Wordplay? Why not stop by my store, DreamHaven, where we have the largest SF selection anywhere? greg ketter

  11. Unable to make DragonCon this year, so I’m really stoked about the Birmingham stop. Huzzah!

  12. I was very sorry to see you aren’t coming to Atlanta. The closest is Birmingham, AL. Do you know the hours you will be there? Is there any chance you will add Atlanta?

  13. John, for those of us not in the USA, will any of these events include a reading/talk or Q&A to be streamed or recorded for webcasting? Thanks.
    (Also, will you be using the magnificent word “cockwomble” again…?)

  14. Folks posting about various errors: They’re being addressed and I’ve updated the Kepler’s listing here.

    Also, if you don’t see a city here, it’s not going to be added to the tour at this point. This tour’s locked.


    I don’t believe there are any plans for streaming, etc.


    I’ll be be in Atlanta in September, as author Guest of Honor at Dragon Con.

  15. I hope to see you in Boston again. I know that you enjoy regional beverages, In your previous travels to Massachusetts have you tried Polar Soda, based in Worcester, Ma? Double Fudge soda is great with Vanilla ice cream. Orange Dry is very refreshing.
    I seek guidance, I want to give you a sample pack of soda. Yet I know you are traveling and you want to travel light, I do not want to give you something heavy, or something that you have tried before.
    May I suggest taking Amtrak’s Acela between Boston and NYC. No stress of driving, no lines of airport security, no swaying motion of a bus,
    Boston has several world class museums. From Art to Science, each is worth more than a day’s stroll.

  16. I don’t know what we in Dallas/Ft. Worth have done to offend you, but I assure you that we’re all very, very sorry, and it will never, ever happen again. (Repeat as necessary. ;) )

  17. John!!! Why no Canada? We would really really really love to have you in Toronto.

    We have a book store dedicated entirely to sci fi and fantasy we have 4 nerd themed bars! This is a city that would welcome you so hard!!!!