Meanwhile, California

Oh, look, it’s the Pacific. They do keep that here, don’t they. Part of it, anyway.

Yesterday I took a meeting in Beverly Hills, probably walked past Brent Spiner (who was staring intently into his phone) on the street, saw a bit of an upcoming movie in an editing bay (it looked great) and then walked to ocean in Santa Monica. Today I have four, count them, four, meetings. LA is for business, folks. But it was nice to get to the ocean for a minute or two to take it in. I’d be happy to do more of that.

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  1. It’s also for food – some great restaurants there. And not all serving home knitted gluten free granola.
    And also ungodly traffic, but you knew that anyway.

  2. Yep, I love the ocean…rather, the beach, too. I live in Portland now, and still drive over the coast range and go to the shore, but the beach in Oregon isn’t the same at all. It’s usually windy and cold. The beaches I grew up with, Huntington, Laguna, Corona Del Mar, were warm. Ahhhh.

  3. LA is TV and Movies deals.
    Which are secret.

    But I think it would be great if Krissy and Athena get a ‘Stan Lee’ cameo in each movie.

  4. I’d be very curious to know what movie it was that you mentioned. But I also understand if you can’t say.

  5. Did you make it to In ‘n Out? Looking forward to seeing you in LA again at LAT Festival of Books.

  6. Pretty, and calm. And pretty calm. In N. California, we’ve gone from huge waves to flat water, too. It defies expectation, especially if you were raised someplace else. All I really know is that it’s been warm enough for the bugs to hatch. Time to start getting gnats in yer nose!

  7. John, I know you’re in LA, but, please, you’re a writer: “I took a meeting…” I suppose it’s local dialect and, being a New Englander, have no right to complain about anyone’s local dialect, but it’s just so off putting it hurts my brain. Where did you take it? Did you steal it? Was it heavy? Did you have to carry it far?

    May I suggest “I attended” or “I had” or “I went to”

  8. Clearly when John says he “took” a meeting he was saying that he passionately ravished the meeting, leaving it breathless and quite rumpled.

  9. High Taxes, Homeless, Fires, Earthquakes, Why the Hell would I want to move ther…….? Oh My…

  10. Was the meeting in a sauna? You can take a schvitz and make it meeting while you’re in there. But pretty sure if you took a meeting, it went missing from some other person who is now meeting-less. Sorry. :) Pet peeve that brings out my peevishness. Now get on the 1 and head north.

  11. That picture of the water feels so familiar because the last time I was in Santa Monica it was February as well………..1986. Good times.

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