Still in LA

This photo is in many ways a perfect encapsulation of LA: A calm, serene pond with landscaping and trees, and directly behind it, as you can see through the aforementioned trees, a freeway, jammed with cars. Which I then had to get on at some point to get to my next meeting.

It was a good day regardless. A talked to some folks about a show I have in development, talked to other people about a script I wrote, talked still other people about other possible projects and had a glazed with sprinkles from Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts. Truly, an LA experience all around.

Three more meetings today. Off we go.

9 Comments on “Still in LA”

  1. A more perfect encapulation of LA would demonstrate that the pond, extravagantly, is placed in the middle of a desert.

  2. How often do you make it to LA? (speaking of which, which, will you be out for the Nebulas this year?)
    When you come, do you do signing(s) at local stores? Or are signings usually only confined to book tours?

  3. Script? Last I recall you said you weren’t a screen writer or maybe you said something about not writing screenplays? I think it was in reference one of the attempts to adapt OMW to a movie or TV screen. Did I miss or forget a post where you changed your mind? Or is a script different from a screen play? Google time.

  4. I would suggest somewhat of an opposite: The foreground would be a crowded freeway, and the background would be a city street, full with people.

    The would all be wasting water . . .

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