Back to Reality

The Paramount Pictures studio gate.

Which is to say, back to Ohio.

Admittedly California is just as real as Ohio — I should know, I spent roughly half my life there — but these days when I go there I spend my time in places like what’s in the picture here, and having meetings with people who may or may not want to make a TV series or movie out of something I own, or, at least, option it with the hope of getting someone else to front the money to make it into a TV series or movie.

It’s surreal and, because I don’t have a mortgage payment riding on the outcome, a fair amount of fun. If something comes of it, great. If not, I get the experience of pitching, which I find fascinating on several levels. The only drawback is threading through traffic to get where I need to go on time. Fortunately this time around I made it to all my meetings.

Now I’m here in Ohio for three! Whole! Days! Before I head off to Chicago (again) for C2E2, with panels and signings and interviews and schmoozing. I’m getting quality time with the family and cats. Oh, and also, you know, writing stuff. I have to keep coming up with stuff to pitch in LA, after all.

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