Spice Shelf

Not entirely sure how she got up there. But she certainly seems to be enjoying herself.

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  1. @Donald Brown (@GadgetDon)

    One of my cats has broken that rule! I’ve seen her hover in front of me. Only for a moment so there’s plausible deniability, but still.

  2. I used to live with a cat that I would sometimes find sitting on top of the door into the bedroom. Never did figure out how she got up there. Of course, she was named after Heinlein’s cat who walked through walls, Pixel, so that may have had something to do with it.

  3. I used to watch my 20 pounder leap onto counters in a blur and think, “Heavier than air flight IS possible.”

  4. One of our cats used to like to go in and out of the house through a small bathroom window that was seven feet off the ground on the outside of the house, and only a little larger than the cat. It wasn’t even an issue; just stroll up and go boing. With precision. My jaw dropped the first time it happened in front of me. They don’t all keep their amazing levitation powers secret. :)

  5. Step 1: The Approach. Step 2: Dainty and graceful leap onto body of guitar. Step 3: Play absolutely smoking heavy metal solo when nobody can hear. Step 4: Claw way up fretboard to shelf. Step 5: Yawn.

  6. I know this picture is about the cat, but as an amateur luthier and guitar enthusiast I have to ask your thoughts on the acoustasonic. How does it sound unplugged?

  7. Sadly my one cat thought gravity no longer applied to her and attempted the leap to the top of a bookshelf where I thought I had displayed what proved to be a rather fragile artifact safely. Both cat and object came crashing down, the cat mortified and the object never the same again.

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