View From a Hotel Window 2/27/20: Chicago

An okay view if you like skyscrapers.

And also, hello, Chicago, I am back after not too long — I was in fact in town about a month ago or something called ORDCamp, and this time I’m here for C2E2, at which I will be doing panels and interviews and signing books and stuff. It should be tons of fun. If you’re in the Chicago area, you should come on down and see me there.

6 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 2/27/20: Chicago”

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    Rosepoint Publishing

    not in Chicago–actually about an hour south–but we have snow. have a successful book signing!

  2. Never been to the CITY of Chicago (the airport doesn’t count even though the nacho platter was yummy). I think I’d be tempted to do the same thing I did in NYC, namely, try to spot all the places that had been featured in so many of my favourite zombie/apocalypse/fantasy books! Then again, folks do tend to stare when you shout out ‘oh yeah, that’s where Scott Sigler killed everyone with a nuclear bomb!”

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