The Cat in the Window

Zeus had heard rumors of rain and wished to go outside to confirm it for himself. Thus confirmed, he wished immediately to come back inside. Cats are like that.

Welcome to Tuesday. If you’re in a state with a primary today, remember to vote!

9 Comments on “The Cat in the Window”

  1. been there many a time…

    Cat: Let me out!
    Human: It’s raining.
    Cat: LET ME OUT!
    [human opens door, cat dashes out and right back in]
    Cat: Why didn’t you TELL ME it was raining? [walks to back door] Let me out!

  2. I voted early (but not often). Then my candidate dropped out. Ah well, better luck in November.

    When I lived here pre-citizenship, not being able to vote annoyed me. Now the candidate choices annoy me. Progress!

  3. Many years ago, I lived in an apartment in NJ that had front and back doors.
    Cat wanted to go out the back, so I opened the door, and there was snow there (maybe an inch.)
    She stuck her foot out, didn’t like it, went to the front door, so I opened it and *there was snow there too!*

    (A friend’s reaction to that story was also “Looking for the door into summer.”)

  4. That is getting to be one big cat. How does he compare to the others? (I know you show photos but a lot of the photos have them stretched out and lying down. This photo shows him looking…bulky.)

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