Hello From a Boat Next to an Island in the Caribbean

At the moment, we’re visiting the Dominican Republic. The temperature is 76 degrees and the humidity is perfectly bearable. I’m in a bathrobe and about to head to the spa to soak in the “hydro-pool,” which strikes me as a redundant term, but, hey, whatever makes them happy. I’m sure wherever you are is perfectly nice, too. But I have to say, I’m enjoying being away.

That’s it, that’s the post, have a lovely Tuesday.

14 Comments on “Hello From a Boat Next to an Island in the Caribbean”

  1. I’ve heard that the cruise lines have a new special: buy one week, get three weeks free. And the three extra weeks are mandatory.
    Stay well. And wash your hands.

  2. Well look around. Maybe they have a soda-pool or a vodka-pool, so they have to be specific. ;)
    Have fun! I had never heard of this cruise. I swore I’d never go on one. This one looks awesome!

  3. I’d be horrifically envious if it weren’t sunny and 70 degrees here in Connecticut as well. Enjoy the voyage; say hi to the nerds for me; and try not to bring the plague down on them all.

  4. Hope you have toilet paper. Apparently people think the world is ending. They are wrong, but who knew toilet paper was gold, silver, bronze, copper, and bitcoin. Despite access to water and washcloths.

  5. You’re gonna have fun catching up with the news when (if?) you get home this week…

  6. I have a coworker who just cancelled her cruise. Also, several of my agency’s regional facilities are temporarily shutdown due to employees who showed up sick. Have fun!

  7. Princess just suspended all cruises for 60 days.

    Hope you’re permitted to dock when it’s over :-)

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