Important News About The Last Emperox Tour

So, let’s get right to it, folks: The book tour for The Last Emperox has to be cancelled.

Why? Well, I’m pretty sure you know why:

1. There’s a global pandemic going on as we speak.

2. Gathering in groups is not a great idea.

3. In a lot of the places where my tour stops are, gathering in large groups is currently not allowed.

4. A number of the events and festivals that I was going to as part of my tour have already been delayed or cancelled.

5. Neither I nor Tor can in good conscience ask people to risk their health — or the health of others — just to come see me do my thing. These are extraordinary times and circumstances, and we want you all to be safe and healthy, today and in the future.

I want you to know that neither I nor Tor have come to this decision lightly. If you’ve ever seen me at an event then you know how much I genuinely enjoy them. I love coming to town, seeing all of you, and supporting booksellers in their communities. I am as unhappy about this as you are. But! This is just one tour. There will be other books, other tours and other opportunities to see each other. Let’s keep that in mind even if things are disappointing right now.

Also and this is important: If you have pre-ordered The Last Emperox from your local bookseller in anticipation of my upcoming tour event, please keep your pre-order with your local bookstore. The next couple of months are going to be very difficult for local business, bookstores included. They will need your help to make it through what is going to be a very tough time. On my end, I’ll be doing what I can for the bookstores where we had announced tour events to get signed copies and/or bookplates to them. We’ll try to do right by them and you on that score. That’s another reason we’re announcing this now — so we’ll have enough time to work with these stores.

So, please, please, please: Keep your pre-order at your local bookstore, or make that pre-order at your local bookstore. Your local bookstore needs you right now. The more you support your local bookseller today, the more likely it is to be around in the future, when I and the other authors you like are able to go back on tour. I want to be able to see you and scribble in your book face-to-face, the next time I have a book out. And the way for that to happen is for you stick by your local bookstore today.

Also remember that I am signing and personalizing copies of The Last Emperox through Subterranean Press (get your orders in there soon; I’ll be signing those at the end of the month), and that you may also order signed books through my own local bookseller, Jay and Mary’s Book Center of Troy, Ohio — and that’s any of my books, not just Emperox.

Finally, and just to be clear about this, I will be promoting the crap out of The Last Emperox. Folks, I’m not bragging when I tell you this book is really good; I can’t think of a book I’ve written before where I’ve been this excited to have you all read it to find out what’s happening with the characters and the universe. I want to share it with you and talk about it with you and geek out about it with you.

That being the case, just because I’m not going to be able to do a physical tour doesn’t mean I won’t be around to talk it up and to get with you all. I had a long phone call today with the folks at Tor where we thought about what to do for the book and how we can get people excited for it. We have plans. Oh so many plans. You will find out more about them soon. This will be fun. Stay tuned.

In the meantime: Wash your hands, be kind to each other, support your local businesses including your local bookstore, and above all be ready, because in less than a month The Last Emperox will be out. It will be worth it, and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

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  1. I was hoping the news was going to be the early release of the book for those of us who are quarantined.

    It would have been really great to have something fun to read during these long, dark weeks ahead.

  2. Will you consider doing some live-streamed events? Watching you is always the reason to go.

  3. This makes total sense. Thank you for doing this! I’m still looking forward to reading THE LAST EMPEROX and next time you are signing in the Boston area, I’ll bring the stack!

  4. Sean Eric Fagan:

    Everything is on the table. I’m being vague because we have a lot of moving parts to deal with, and lots of people to contact.

  5. Any chance of this dropping early so I can read it in quarantine? And as a dark consideration – before I catch it?

    I realize that’s a huge logistical challenge and the answer is likely “no” but thought I’d ask.

  6. My planned method of buying TLE was and remains via my Audible account. That plan remains unchanged. I commend the pitch for the bookstores, though.

    That is an amazing picture of Smudge. That cat seems to be far too much of a natural photogarphy model for someone with his name. How much effort is it to get a good picture out of him once you’ve set the book beside him?

  7. A great idea I heard was to call a local small business that you patronize and order a gift certificate over the phone. That’s a way that you can help carry them through this crunch, give them liquidity now, and it costs you nothing since you will be using the gift certificate. Did this today with my local menswear store.

    Looking forward to The Last Emperox, loved the Collapsing Empire but need to catch up on the middle book.

    Why didn’t I read the middle book?

    This will sound really stupid (and it is). I felt betrayed by George RR. Martin over Ice and Fire and swore I would never read another book in a series again until the series was completed because I hated being left hanging.

    I really showed him, didn’t I?

  8. I had ordered a copy through Strand but they just sent an e-mail saying they were cancelling and refunding my order :( Would have been happy to keep it through them if I could have. Just ordered a copy through Subterranean. Can’t way to get it!

  9. I’ll miss introducing you at Quail Ridge Books but of course this is the right decision. I’m half way through the ARC and it’s great- congrats!

  10. Just waiting to read the conclusion. One of the best series I’ve ever read. I just reread vol. 1 & 2 last week to prepare. might even read them again.

  11. > Everything is on the table

    Oh, do we ever have some suggestions…

    But seriously, thanks to you and the folks at Tor for treating this with the seriousness it deserves. I look forward to seeing the book in OMG less than a month!

  12. Sorry your tour was cancelled. I’ll still buy your book because hey, we have to find out what happens with our intrepid heros. We all might just have more quarantine time to read. We’ll get through this together and maybe this experience will give you some ideas for future novels. Stay safe

  13. My local bookseller is the best! The Booklovers Gourmet in Webster MA. I am so looking forward to TLE. Thanks!

  14. The tiny silver lining in this cloud is that, if you do stuff online, people around the world may be able to join in …

  15. Thanks and commendations to both you and Tor, sir, for making a prudent decision. You are not alone; the local symphony, chamber orchestra and professional theatre company have all been required to cancel performances over the coming weeks. We’ve donated the cost of the tickets we bought to the organizations, and we’re supporting our local independent bookstore as well. I pre-ordered TLO through Sub Press, but there are many, many other books I want to add to my collection, so I’ll be shopping locally through their online order function.

    I hope this does not prove to be the death knell of the independent business. There are so many fabulous independent booksellers, restaurants, retailers, arts organizations and others out there, and most are just a few weeks away from financial catastrophe at any point. The giants like MalWart, Amazon, B&N, McD’s and the rest have deep enough pockets to survive another recession, but it will be a sad world indeed if they are the only ones still around a year hence.

    Be well, and wash your hands.

  16. I will (if I can given the circumstances) have some In-N-Out in your honor since you won’t be coming to California.

    Stay safe

  17. Can someone refresh my memory, what’s the incubation time frame for people to start getting “Lock In” from all this?

  18. My city does pretty well by our indie bookstores, I’m pleased to say, and I contribute my mite. Last month I found a way to get an ENTIRE EXTRA SHELF of space in most of my bookcases. I haven’t been this excited in years. I need more books, right?

    In addition to supporting your bookstore, please consider supporting your service providers even if they can’t provide their usual service. House cleaners, manicurists, barbers, etc., are understandably leery, as are many of their customers. If you have the resources, do a mitzvah and pay one for their services anyway.

  19. TBH, I’m more worried about which books I’m going to use as TP than about your book tour.

    Kidding, I bought TP a few months back, still have 7 rolls, and, as the virus gives me a runny nose instead of a runny ass I’m not really concerned about my TP situation.

  20. Thanx for being smart and safe.
    For getting the word out to your fans to be smart and safe.

    My local Barnes and Noble are doing pretty good with me because I by 3 or 4 books every time I go in, I give them away to my banker. Butcher, and candlestick maker. I also ask the congressperson “If my name is on the front cover do I get a discount?”
    They always ask did I write it? Tell no I didn’t but I did the really hard part. Along with his mother we made the guy who did.

    Bad news never got a discount.

    Thank you for being you.

  21. That should be counter person. Vice local Congress person.

    Although never mind I would never give my congressperson anything
    Except a vote to get him OUT of office. He is not one of us! He lies on his signs.

  22. “We have plans. Oh so many plans.”

    Evil plans, one hopes, to take attention away from the utterly unplanned evil emanating from the former swamp next to the Potomac. Because if it’s planned, it’s got to be better.

  23. I read the prologue for Last Emperox the other day, so, of course, I’ve got a major jones for the book itself. April 14 will not get here quickly enough. My wife and I are glad you and your family got back in good order. Stay safe.

  24. Virtual tour… that could be the opportunity for us not on the path of your physical tours to participate…

    Stay safe.

  25. I ordered a copy at Brookline Booksmith, who seem to think you’ll still be able to sign it, even though your event is cancelled. Not sure if there’s been an error in communication, or they just haven’t updated their auto-replier.

  26. I hope I’m not too late to ask this question….can my local book shop get me a signed copy if I Pre-order or do I have to go through Subterranean for that.

    apologies if that info has already been posted, I have been having a hard time keeping up with Normal Events in these strange times.

  27. My wife and I pretty much only buy ebooks nowadays but I would still enjoy having something signed by you (and authors in general). I’m not sure what other options there are but I always thought that a print of the cover would be ideal. Either 8.5×11 inches or even better, paperback book sized.

    Just a thought while virtual-tour plans are still being planned.

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