Great Scott

I noted this on Twitter yesterday but it bears a retelling and an archiving here: The folks at Jay and Mary’s Book Center, my local bookstore, knew that I and my family were away on a cruise the week that the coronavirus started to bite down hard, and people started freaking out and hoarding toilet paper. So out of their own purchases (which I can only assume were moderate and responsible), they saved us this 4-pack. Athena went and picked it up the other day.

As it turned out, we were not in want of toilet paper — we have an ample supply to get through the next two or three week at least — but I very much appreciated the neighborliness the act represented. That sort of simple kindness and consideration of those near us is the thing that’s going to get us through the next couple of months, and may hopefully set a pattern (or reset it) that we can continue on after this.

Also this is a fine reminder that I do sign stock at Jay & Mary’s on a frequent basis, and will be signing The Last Emperox for them when it comes in, so if you don’t have a local bookstore you already support, and you feel like splashing out a little extra in shipping in order for me to scribble in your book, you can give them a call and they will be happy to help you out.

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  1. My first impression: Local bookstores rock!
    My second impression: Toilet Paper Flaunting is definitely going to be a thing

  2. A couple of nights ago the Danish Queen went on TV to help raise spirits in our basically locked down nation. One of the things she mentioned was how in times of crisis people do tend to show amazing helpfulness.
    Her message sure reached a lot of hearts.
    As of today over 10, 000 people have volunteered to help in various institutions, just to mention one, students at medical schools have signed up to help in hospitals and clinics. Something that is sure to be needed in the hard times ahead.

  3. Nice. But you may want to tell Jay & Mary to update the page they have dedicated to your work, as it announces the upcoming release of THE END OF ALL THINGS, and notes that they will have signed copies available as of August 11, 2015. Not that I wouldn’t mind returning to a time when the resident of the Oval Office wasn’t a dangerous, narcissistic liar….

  4. On a related note, before my office bugged out, one manager brought toilet paper rolls to hand out to student employees. One of them was all, “great, I just realized we were out of toilet paper this morning!”

  5. Amen re kindness! Even a little goes a long way. And let us support local bookstores and other local businesses however we can.

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