New Books and ARCs, 3/20/20

Seems like now is a fine time to return to one of the favorite features of Whatever — and accounting of the new books and ARCs that have come to Scalzi Compound! What here is calling to you this weekend? Tell us all in the comments.

8 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/20/20”

  1. Earthquake Weather is a good book and I read the science fiction book club edition years ago. I wonder if this reprint has extra features (Author forward, etc.). It was from this book I learned about the fascination ghosts have with palindromes.

  2. I loved all three of those Powers books, including Last Call and Expiration Date.

  3. Curious about “Drowned Country”, not sure why. Think I’ll preorder it as a conspicuous show of optimism :-)

  4. Pre-ordered “The Living Dead”; coming out in June. Hope I survive the global pandemic long enough to read Mr. Romero’s epic zombie apocalypse novel!

  5. Wait, Kim Harrison is writing more in the Hollows series? Great, another thirteen books I have to read…

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