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RIP, WIlliam Dufris

We are heartbroken to announce that the co-founder of @pocketplot and the director of “EC Comics Presents… The Vault of Horror”, William Dufris, has died from cancer. There is a hole in a lot of people’s hearts right now. We will have more to say later. Bless you, Bill. pic.twitter.com/QHrZ69i6ti — Pocket Universe Productions is […]

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Nothing But Blue Sky

So, here’s a thing I never expected to see again in my lifetime: A sky entirely devoid of contrails, and the planes that make them. This is a 360-degree “photosphere” panorama from my yard, so the entire sky is here, and not altered from the photo that came out of my camera (I did photoshop […]

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The Big Idea: Ilana C. Myer

Where some people end their books is where Ilana C. Myer, in her new novel The Poet King, begins hers. Why does she do it that way? She’s here to explain. ILANA C. MYER: Power is something we talk about a lot in fantasy—from rings of power to the One Power to the sword that […]

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CoNZealand Goes Virtual

CoNZealand is making history, as it becomes the first ever ‘virtual Worldcon’, in response to the global pandemic. For more details, please see our website: https://t.co/7nwfoQFbnH #conzealand #worldcon2020 pic.twitter.com/MNqquHEaIe — CoNZealand (@CoNZealand) March 25, 2020 This year’s Worldcon is going virtual, because we’re currently living in a global pandemic, and despite what some clueless politicians […]

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