Daily Archives: March 25, 2020

RIP, WIlliam Dufris

We are heartbroken to announce that the co-founder of @pocketplot and the director of “EC Comics Presents… The Vault of Horror”, William Dufris, has died from cancer. There is a hole in a lot of people’s hearts right now. We will have more to say later. Bless you, Bill. pic.twitter.com/QHrZ69i6ti — Pocket Universe Productions is […]

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Nothing But Blue Sky

So, here’s a thing I never expected to see again in my lifetime: A sky entirely devoid of contrails, and the planes that make them. This is a 360-degree “photosphere” panorama from my yard, so the entire sky is here, and not altered from the photo that came out of my camera (I did photoshop […]

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CoNZealand Goes Virtual

CoNZealand is making history, as it becomes the first ever ‘virtual Worldcon’, in response to the global pandemic. For more details, please see our website: https://t.co/7nwfoQFbnH #conzealand #worldcon2020 pic.twitter.com/MNqquHEaIe — CoNZealand (@CoNZealand) March 25, 2020 This year’s Worldcon is going virtual, because we’re currently living in a global pandemic, and despite what some clueless politicians […]

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