Try to Get a Message to Her: (Another) LP-Length Playlist

Hey, I made another playlist! Enjoy. Here’s the Spotify link, or follow along with the videos below.

17 Comments on “Try to Get a Message to Her: (Another) LP-Length Playlist”

  1. Nice mix.
    I love Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold. Tragic that she died so young shortly after that album was released.

  2. What Scott said – Eva Cassidy’s cover of Fields of Gold is one of my favorite songs. Gorgeous voice, and her loss was indeed tragic.

  3. I love Eva Cassidy. I agree with what the others said about Fields of Gold but I also love her rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

  4. Eva Cassidy was a wonder. Such a short career, so many great songs. Check out the version of “I Could Have Told You So” that she did with Chuck Brown.

  5. As for Eva’s version, in the comic book drama series Strangers in Paradise, (I think) for a pull back view over several panels of a child plane crash survivor, it explicitly her version, not Sting’s, that is playing.This while text boxes explain the child’s future.
    It’s been a couple decades since I read the comic, but the image has remained.

  6. Thanks for the playlist. Some of my favourites. Joni (of course), Eva and Joan Armatrading – Talking to the Wall with her harmonising to the flugelhorn horn – just wow. Still shivers.

  7. ‘Til Tuesday – yessssss
    I bought that album (‘Welcome Home’, if anyone wants to know) and literally played it non-stop for days and days, week after week. It’s still one of my all time favourite albums. Thanks for putting this track in the playlist, you made my day.

  8. Good to see someone who knows the name of Joan Armatrading. I was beginning to think she was lost in the annals of history

  9. Thanks for bringing the Joni Mitchell to my attention; I have all of her stuff from the 60’s and 70’s but rather lost the thread as she got deeper into jazz. ‘Night Ride Home’ harkens back to the 70’s groove. And yes, Concrete Blonde… if you’ve never caught the version of ‘Beware of Darkness’ on their first release, you’ve missed out!

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