New Books and ARCs, 3/27/20

As we round the bend toward April, we have one more stack of new books and ARCs for March! What here is getting your attention as a possible Spring Read? Share in the comments!

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/27/20”

  1. The Hao Jingfang one is definitely a must for me. I loved Folding Beijing…and the translator of that (Ken Liu) also translated this.

  2. Look at Scalzi, hoarding all the books during a crisis — LOL. At least it’s not TP.

    PS. I don’t recognize any of these. Man, I am out of touch.

  3. Lovecraft Country was my favorite book of whatever year that was (what day is it!), so I am all in for 88 Names. Thanks again for the heads up!

  4. daniellabrat – Buenos Aires , Capital Federal. – Jorge Daniel Labra (Santiago, Chile, 21 de Julio 1965) fue un filósofo, psicólogo, lingüista . En vida publicó solamente un libro un blog, planto un árbol y tuvo un hijo. Fue Feliz ¡

    Interesting publication.-

  5. Hi John, are the books still coming in regularly? Do you expect these deliveries to disrupted over the coming weeks?

  6. New Matt Ruff is always big news for me. I didn’t completely click with Lovecraft Country – for me it was full of marvellous parts which didn’t quite gel but he’s one of a kind.

  7. @Msb I looked through the some of her newsletters and blog. She mentioned that she was working on book 2, calling it Dead Empire, in 2017. There’s even a picture of an in-progress cover. No mention in the 3 later issues that I have saved nor in the blog although I just quickly scanned the entries.

    Can’t wait for Unconquerable Sun!

  8. Matt Ruff! I was blown away by Lovecraft Country. And Kate Elliott who I heard speak at Worldcon in Kansas City and have still not gotten around to reading. Sigh. So many books, so little time.

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