Gah! Cat!

Sometimes you wake up from a nap and a cat is right there, being all, like, “hey, what’s up.” And it is disconcerting. So naturally you take a picture.

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  1. Christine Betts – Australia – Author, Visual Artist, Wife, Mother and Seeker. Not the kind of Seeker from Harry Potter (although, I wish!) but of the spiritual kind. I believe that life has meaning, but it's up to us to do things daily that bring meaning to our lives and those of others. We are all one. ~You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop ~ Rumi
    Christine Betts

    sweet kitty!

  2. There’s a theory that the classic Space Alien face shape is from having kittens staring at you up close when you’ve just woken up, especially if you still have a bit of sleep paralysis.

  3. That’s how I usually wake up in the morning, with my cat Lili staring at me. The thing is her eyes are always fully black, no matter how bright the morning is. And I always wonder…

  4. I have two cats. This does happen sometimes but I guarantee I have never taken a picture. I usually just pet them. Sometimes I shoo them away depending on how badly I need to pee.

  5. It could be worse. My daughter’s (fortunately) small dog panicked completely when she was trying to do the core bit of her workout at home and hurled himself on to her, presumably to try and resuscitate her. She too has pictures…

  6. Richard Winks – Long time Sci/Tech lover and practitioner, socially tolerant, fiscally conservative, apolitical, unremarkably ordinary, admitted pedant, long suffering cynic. @dwinx49r on Twitter
    Richard Winks

    I recognize that look it’s “There you are. Don’t you think it’s about time you got up to feed me?”

  7. There is a saying that pets often look like their human owners.

    I think this one looks like you were looking at a mirror. We should all be so lucky.

  8. My dearly departed Mary used to wake me by lightly placing her paw on my closed eyeball. She somehow discovered that this would bring about instant wakefulness and that the adrenaline burst would mean I couldn’t go back to sleep so I might as well feed her.

  9. Dawn Ross – Topeka, Kansas – I've always had a vivid imagination. As a child, I loved to daydream and make up stories in my head. I later developed a love for fantasy novels as well as mythology and ancient history. This love combined with my own imagination inspired me to write my own fantasy novel. I have since written three fantasy novels, a trilogy called The Dukarian Legacy. I am now working on a sci-fi space opera. The first book is titled StarFire Dragons and just became available on Amazon in 2020.
    Dawn Ross

    I had a dream once where I was choking. I woke up to find the cat lying across my neck. No wonder they say cats are plotting our demise.

  10. When my Zoey does this, she’s usually telling me that I need to rest and take care of myself. On Sunday, she planted herself, so I closed my eyes “just for minute” to enjoy the snuggles. Next thing I knew, it was 4 hours later. (I think she was right about my needing the nap.)

  11. That weird blue light… *definitely* an alien visitation.
    I just wish our two new rescue kittens would come this close!

  12. There is a theory that cats with a greater number of whiskers are more intelligent. If that is true, yours would seem to be high on the list.

  13. Hope Griffin Diaz – North Carolina – So, to borrow from a popular shirt, I love Jesus but I cuss a little. Well, a lot. In fact, I just don't believe Jesus really gives a shit about the word fuck. He does care if you say f you or go f yourself. But a general adjective? Nah. I am married to the love of my life, Louie (aka Luis) and have an adult child, Christy. My mum, Nancy, is still with us and active in our lives. I love to read, I fancy myself an amateur gardener, I am owned by a large black purr machine maine coon cat named Samwise aka #SamSam and a Border Collie/Australian Cattle dog mix named Daisy. I knit. I craft. I sew. These are at my leisure and are hobbies. I don't take commissions nor do I do alterations. I'm an aspiring human being. I battle several mental illnesses including depression, major panic disorder, agoraphobia, germaphobia, claustrophobia, and some other assorted illnesses. I also have fibromyalgia and have had numerous traumatic brain injuries (into the double digits now). I am not able to drive at night. I don't know where this blog is going ... if anywhere.
    Jada Hope Diaz

    Generally Sam sleeps next to me. What wakes me up is his experiments with gravity. They are to let me know the empty state of his food bowl is unacceptable.

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