Adam Schlesinger, RIP

Best known for Fountains of Wayne, but the songwriting mastermind behind a surprising number of other perfect pop songs, dead at 52 from coronavirus-related issues. A very bad day for music, and a reminder that the coronavirus is going to take a lot from us all before it’s done. Stay inside, people. Stay safe.

12 Comments on “Adam Schlesinger, RIP”

  1. Super sad. I went to college with him, and remember him and Chris Collingwood’s band playing at parties. This one is too close to home. I am afraid this won’t be the first nor the closest before this is all over. :-(

  2. Ugh…very sad to hear about that. That one MTV style song is probably the only one that ever gets commercial radio play. Way too young to leave this plane.

  3. When people say music got them through tough times, I nod my head — FoW saw me through some of the darkest years I’ve been through. What a loss.

  4. One of the songwriting geniuses behind CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, a show that was a bedrock thing in my life for each of its four seasons. The man produced an enormous body of amazing work in his time here…but dammit, he should have had more of it!

  5. On March 28, Tom Rush announced to his email list that he had just tested positive. Tom helped to popularize the songs of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and other songwriters who went on to be superstars. Haven’t heard any updates on his condition. He’s 79.

  6. As of March 31, the Boston Globe reported that Tom Rush is doing better.

    Meanwhile, one of my favorite imaginary pop hits: Slessinger and Mike Viola doing “That Thing You Do.”

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