Yesterday’s Sunset Today

I meant to post it yesterday but then got distracted. By things. And stuff. You know.

Today: Did an interview for the upcoming book release. And having done one thing today, I excused myself from everything else for the rest of the day. This quarantine work schedule is something I can get behind.

5 Comments on “Yesterday’s Sunset Today”

  1. Nice.
    The trucking company I work for is considered essential, so I’m mostly working from home and coming in to the office a few times per week when I have to touch computers, scanners, etc. I’m in the office today, and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even touched the computers I came in to work on. I have a bout to hours left.

  2. Supermoon tonight–if it’s clear you should be able to get some great photos! I plan on being outside watching it rise (about 8:30 this evening and clear where I live, contrasted to last evening when the sky was completely overcast).

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