Oh, Hey, I Was on NPR’s Weekend Edition This Morning

Talking about The Last Emperox, coincidentally enough!

(Note: It’s not a coincidence.)

You can find the audio segment as well as a transcript at this here link. It’s about seven minutes long. A fine little amuse-bouche for your Saturday.

16 Comments on “Oh, Hey, I Was on NPR’s Weekend Edition This Morning”

  1. As I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the final time of this series, I decided to LISTEN to your interview.

    I was quite surprised to learn that that the “x” in Emperox” was silent, virtually the opposite of the emphasized “x” in Latinx.

    Can you share the genesis of the pronunciation (or lack thereof)?


  2. Nice interview. It must have been a treat to talk with Scott Simon. I have The Last Emperox on pre-order. It will make good isolation reading.

  3. Enjoyed the interview. I will continue to pronounce the x until I read the French translation.

  4. I was also suprised by the silent x. Looks like I’m not the only one that doesn’t listen to audiobooks.

  5. Re-reading the first two, new one on order. Timing will be close for a seamless binge of the whole trilogy ;-)

  6. Nice to replace your real voice with the voice I’ve been hearing in my head when I read ‘Whatever’. Hmm, that sounded kind of schizophrenic. Anyway, great interview. Can’t wait for my copy!!!!
    Oh. I was pronouncing the ‘x’, too.
    Thanks for braving the the present risks of the Detroit area to get all of our books signed!!!

  7. Your interview was smart, funny, and inspiring. I always thought of you as having a more Orson Welles timbre to your voice, and was somewhat disappointed in that you have the same tenor voice that I hear when I hear my voice on recordings. :^)

  8. First article I saw today! Your vocabulary is quite impressive! You should think about writing a book or something!

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