A Request, Re: The Last Emperox

Originally posted on Twitter but reposted here in compact form, and for those who don’t venture to that service:

The Last Emperox comes out tomorrow! Before it does, let me take a moment to make a small request from those of you who have ordered the book: Patience and grace. The reason for this is that my book is coming out in the middle of a global pandemic. That means some things.

Most notably, if you ordered the hardcover, it means you may not get the book exactly on Tuesday. Book warehouses are running on skeleton crews; bookstores are doing the same. And of course your delivery people are working themselves into exhaustion. Somewhere in the line there may be a hiccup. If there is, please understand. Everyone is doing what they can to get the book to you as soon as possible. Please don’t be angry with booksellers or delivery people for for delays. This is an extraordinary time and we all need to practice kindness.

If you have gotten a copy of the book early, or are getting it in eBook or audio tomorrow, my request is: please don’t post spoilers on social media for the first couple of weeks after the release. Let those with delivery delays have a little grace period to catch up. Even a simple “Spoiler alert!” notification will mean a lot to them, and to me. I put some twists into the book. I think it’s kind to let people experience them first hand. Your choice, but again I hope you’ll choose the kinder path here.

Regardless, I am really excited for you all to finally be able to read The Last Emperox soon. I think you’ll enjoy it and how everything comes together. It speaks to our moment more than I intended when I started writing it. But this is not a bad thing, I think.

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  1. Or I could order an eBook version, read it, and stick the hardcover I ordered up on the shelf when it arrives. It’s a win/win: I get to read the book sooner and you make some more money!

    Plus, I can probably apply for a Federal grant to cover the extra cost since, after all, reading a new John Scalzi novel must quality as a necessary business somehow :).

  2. Hey John, do you know when Subterranean is shipping the signed copies? I expect it to take forever, for al the reasons you mentioned, but I was wondering.

  3. Definitely will do John! I still envy my friends to whom I have recommended your other books, because they would be experience all the amazing plots for the first time XD

    After more than months of waiting, Last Emperor here we go!

  4. I know you didn’t plan it that way, but your book is a welcome diversion in this time. I want to take the occasion to say, Thank You. For the books of course, and also thank you for being so generous with your support for other authors and your participation in the larger SF community. If you’ve somehow managed to acquire a veneer of fame and fortune, you’re wearing it well.

  5. Why is the cat in the bottom picture, partially blue ? A misguided publicity stunt? Misadventure?

  6. To be honest, it would actually be better on many levels if my pre-ordered copy did not arrive until Friday, or on the Friday of a future week. I am already struggling to maintain my focus during mandatory WFH, and if TLE was sitting by my chair in the living room, whispering beguilingly to me as I slave away at the kitchen table, I fear that the temptation would get the best of me despite all my good intentions.

  7. I ordered mine from my local bookstore this morning, the sixth of the six they are expecting to arrive any day now. I told the person I ordered it from more or less the same thing as Colonel S above: media mail is fine, because the longer it takes to get here, the more I’ll get done around the house.

  8. At least Zeus and Spice seem to be able to relax after undoubtedly having read the ARCs, so I’m optimistic that the ending/resolution is sufficiently upbeat as to grant us at least a temporary escape from the current emotional dumpster fire in the real world.

    Really, really, really looking forward to the ebook which I preordered as soon as it was possible. And I reread “Empire” and “Fire” just to refresh my memory on details. Which are even better the second or third time.

    As is pretty much all of the Scalzi back catalog. I used to reread Heinlein (especially the juveniles) whenever I needed a pick-me-up, but vintage Scalzi is just as good if not better.

  9. Do the cats pose by the books, or do you find a likely cat and slip a book in next to it for the picture? Zeus looks vaguely annoyed, Spice just looks blue.

  10. Since I have to let the package sit for 24 hours before I can touch it anyway, it doesn’t matter…

  11. Damn, and here I have to wait for the paperback. Any word on when the paperback will be coming out? Amazon doesn’t have one listed but B&N does.

  12. I ordered it from my former local neighborhood independent book store, it’ll come when it comes.

  13. Blue cat because of automatic colour balancing gone wrong? (The majority of the pixels are in the yellow/brown neigbourhood, so the camera decides that the global illumination must have been yellowish and compensates for that.)

  14. I’m planning to get the audiobook tomorrow and then buy a hardcover the next time you go on tour to get it signed.
    I promise to keep my big mouth shut.

  15. Dear David,

    They tried to dye Spice for Easter. It did not go as well as planned.

    pax / Ctein

  16. “media mail is fine…” Oh heavens no! That puts it a step below store flyers, which are pre-sorted at least.

  17. I timed my re-read poorly and finished book 2 on Saturday. I’m dying waiting for the 3rd!

  18. Can’t wait to read it (though I still need to read consuming fire). My only problem is I hope the cats follow the no spoiler request cause we all know how cats love to spoil things. :)

  19. Have you considered submitting those photos to Mike Glyer for use in his “Cats Sleeping on SFF” series?

  20. Blue on cover reflected onto cat’s white fur?

    I’m guessing – just a guess! – that you would be fine with positive nonspoiler comments on social media.

  21. Just ordered the Kindle, because I don’t think I’ll be driving eight hours worth of Audible any time soon. I’m really curious as to how many Audible users are switching to Kindle this month.

    And telling myself that if insist on reading it standing up, I’ll get my week’s quota of exercise in…..

  22. Found a notification in my mailbox from Amazon telling me it was now in my library.
    Now, I need to find room in my reading schedule, because I have more than 40 books still “unread” in it… too many good books around these days.

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