Sunset, April 13, 2020

The next time I see this glowy orb, my new book will be out.

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  1. aquavenatus – New York – I'm an aspiring writer who writes some of everything. I'm an avid reader: fantasy, folklore, science fiction, classics, contemporary, graphic novels, comics and manga. Also, a lifelong gamer and sports fanatic! I’m a contributor to Fantasy-Faction. An affiliate member of the SFWA. You can follow me: Twitter: @aquavenatus Instagram: aquavenatus Goodreads:


  2. Any idea what time the Audible version drops lol? Had it on preorder for so long! Kinda reminds me of the midnight Harry Potter release parties I went to with my kids way back when :-)

  3. John, I will be receiving your book electronically tomorrow (my 15th!!) and am excited. I finished The Consuming Fire again on Saturday to refresh.

    Thanks again for writing. And for encouraging patience and kindness.

    I look forward to seeing what the Last Emperox brings and the insights on real life.


    Joe McAlarnen Móvil: 240-498-5248


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