The Last Emperox is Out!

If you’re reading this, then The Last Emperox, my latest novel and the conclusion to the Interdependency Trilogy, is now out in the US and Canada in hardcover, eBook and audiobook editions (UK folks: You have two more days for the UK print edition). I’m happy to say the book has been a hit with critics, with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly (“Scalzi knocks it out of the park”), Kirkus (“Punchy, plausible, and bittersweet”) and Library Journal (“filled with irreverent, humorous, and intelligent prose”). I’m very pleased about this.

The Last Emperox is available at your local bookstore, which I encourage you to support (provided it is open during the various state shutdowns; call and check!) and through all the usual online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound and Powell’s. The eBook version is available through all the usual online retailers (Amazon,, Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, etc) and the audiobook is available through Amazon and It is narrated by Wil Wheaton.

If you want a signed hardcover edition of the book, you can check with the stores that were part of my previously announced (and now, because of the coronavirus, cancelled) in-person tour; some of them will be receiving signed copies or bookplates to add to the book. If those stores don’t have signed copies, you can always contact my local bookstore, Jay and Mary’s Book Center, and order from them; I’ll come in and sign those books (and other books of mine as well).

Because of the coronavirus, my in-person tour has been replaced with online events. The first is tonight, for Brookline Booksmith, at 6pm Eastern. Thursday at 7pm Eastern I will be taking part in the Inverse Happy Hour on Instagram, and Friday I’ll be doing at event with the Commonwealth Club at 3pm Eastern, noon Pacific. There are more events through April and May and I’ll spotlight them here and on Twitter before they happen. Regardless, you’ll get a chance to see me do my thing online — even if you weren’t going to be able to see me on my in-person tour this year. What a time to be alive.

I’ll have more to say about The Last Emperox in other pieces during the week, here and in other places. For now, let me just say that I am really, deeply pleased with this book, not only for itself, but also as the conclusion of a trilogy. I think it does what it needed to do, and I’m anxious for all of you to be able to read it, to see if you agree. I think you will. I hope you will, anyway.

Happy reading, and thank you for continuing to be part of my writing life.

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  1. On chapter 3 already! One of the advantages of living in Japan is that it’s afternoon when the East Coast hits midnight! Love the dedication. Sincerely,

    Joe McAlarnen Móvil: 240-498-5248


  2. I got the ebook about three hours ago from my local library (in California). I’ll be starting it very shortly, but I have to finish the Charlie Stross book I’m reading first.

    Can hardly wait to dive in!

  3. (In my defense, the Stross book I’m not abandoning for the Emperox contains this line: “The indicated building is owned by the Scalzi Endowment Museum.”)

  4. I cannot believe John Scalzi pulled it off.

    I should have more faith considering I have reread Lock In and Head On over a dozen times ( slightly influenced by living in the DMV ).

    John Scalzi really understands that each end is just another beginning and there are no HEA but there are truly good people out there.

    I blame his background as a Cinema Critic and a journalist, two careers that expose you to the best and worst of the human species.

    And Kristi and Athena from my experiences with marriage and family put up with Scalzi ‘s crap, so us lucky readers can get the sanitized Scalzi and let us be real here, a steady stream of awesome books ( that was 4.5+ hours were I did not have to think about my crises and now I get to REREAD the book – fun with this many surprises).

  5. Yeah! I just downloaded the book! No sleeping tonight! Dang you Scalzi…good thing I am on lock down lol! Start writing again you lazy bum! No book tour should equal a bonus book in June!

  6. Congrats! Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a bit before I can read it because chaos. But I’m dying of anticipation!

  7. Audible claims I’ll be getting my April credit today, so as soon as that’s in my account I’ll get it! I won’t coem around to start listening until tomorrow anyways, still gotta finish my current book

  8. Got the notification that it’s on its way… my local indie bookstore (The Bookshop in Lakewood) is closed at the moment but I can continue to support it through :)

  9. Congratulations on another book’s publication! It arrived in my Audible library this morning. :) Can’t wait to listen!

  10. I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for this since my boyfriend introduced me to it in 2018! So hyped to see the conclusion of the story! Thanks for all your hard work!

  11. It was on my iPad when I woke up this morning. I started reading before I got out of bed. (BTW, in the future when you can do actual book tours again, you should consider live streaming some events so the people not near one of your tour stops can see you.)

  12. Haven’t gotten the shipping confirmation yet from Sub Press, but to your very excellent point yesterday, that is completely understandable under the circumstances. Waiting for my copy will give me a fine opportunity to practice patience, and that is a mitzvah. I know that I’ll have a rollicking good time with it when it does arrive.
    Thank you for sharing the products of your imagination and your writing skills with us, Mr. Scalzi, and may you enjoy many more decades in which to continue that generosity.

  13. Mine is sitting in our box at the mailhouse, waiting for me to come and bring it home. Which will be done very, very soon. (Coffee first. Sorry.)

  14. Listening to the audio book now – Wil Wheaton has done his normal excellent job so far (I’m on chapter 3).

    I will note, however, that Alexa has no idea that the “x” at the end of Emperox isn’t silent, so for her, it’s “The Last Emper-ox”. Maybe she likes large bovines.

  15. I can’t wait to get mine! But, I have to tell you something. I started reading another book recently… from another author… You see, a reader has needs, and, well, your book was so far away at the time, and this other one was available…

  16. Waiting for mine to come. A shoutout to Mary Swenson at the BookLoft in Enterprise, Oregon, who is doing a stellar job keeping the books coming. And if anyone is looking for a small indie bookstore to support and order books through, please check Mary out! It’s hard keeping a bookstore going in an isolated NE Oregon town, but she does a great job.

    And John, I really, really like this trilogy so far and am confident you’re bringing it home appropriately in this final one.

  17. I see that narrator is Wil Wheaton, again. I’m totally unsurprised, but still very pleased. Mr. Wheaton is part of what makes this series what it is to me. I’ll be picking this up through Audible when my subscription resets on Sunday night. Looking forward to it

  18. Mine did not arrive today but that’s ok, I just started TCF so I’m good for a few days.

    (And then we can all start bitching for the next ‘Lock In’ book to hurry up and arrive ;-) )

  19. I took the day off from work to read it. You outdid yourself on this one, and considering how much I enjoy your entire catalog, that’s a heck of a thing. Wonderful and completely satisfying (in more ways than one!).

  20. I finished last night, around midnight, and am writing my review now. I was very angry with you at one point, and I’m sure you know where. But over all, it’s really excellent, and a terrific end to the series.

  21. I just got a copy, using curbside pickup, from Carmichael’s Bookstore, celebrating 42 years in Louisville, KY.

  22. You were my first ebook author, and I’ve read all of your published novels in electronic form, except The Dispatcher and Fuzzy Nation, which I heard as audiobooks.

    So I’ll be getting the ebook today.

    I’m pleased that this concludes the trilogy. Waiting a year for the next installment is a bummer!

  23. Just started to read, and the early chapter featuring Kiva is *so* fucks on the ground, but also so fucking features her fucking complications that I’m so fucking on board.

  24. Thank you!
    I had pre-ordered it as an ebook, so I got it yesterday, and I also read it yesterday.
    It felt kind of short, but then again, it was that kind of book. More comments after a couple of weeks so other people have time to read it, too.

  25. I laughed a lot and cried and decided I hated you then rewrote some headcanon to make myself happier and decided I don’t hate you anymore (also kidding on the hate).

  26. I predicted how many words into dialogue Kiva would get in before the first F-bomb. I was off by one. Hahahaha

  27. Finished the Kindle version first, then the Audible version next! Great story and even better ending — despite all my attempts of mobilizing my (self-opinioned) fertile imagination to try to guess at it. Thank you John, for bringing the trilogy to such a gratifying end. Can’t wait to read/listen to it again!

    Btw, I think Will really out-did himself in this book, if that were even possible!

  28. I can’t put my finger on it but when reading or listening to your books, it somehow makes me think of ‘Sam The Cooking Guy’ on youtube.

  29. I was getting worried when I saw less than a hundred pages left and enough plot threads unresolved to write another book. Amazingly everything wrapped up in a satisfying manner although I still want more…


    Now, anymore little green men from space stories on the horizon?

  30. Just finished reading chapter 6 on my phone, and I am enjoying TLE immensely, as expected.

    One question, though. Why are some characters’ names spelled differently in this book?

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