Checking In On TLE Sales (Kind Of)

I’m a big proponent of reminding people to take Amazon ranking numbers with a grain of salt, for all sorts of reasons. With that said, they can be a fun if distorted mirror to get an idea where one’s sales might be. And at the moment, The Last Emperox is: #1, #3 and #40 New Release in Science Fiction (Amazon breaks up sales of audio, eBook and hardcover), #4 and #10 for Science Fiction (all releases), #85 in overall book releases, and #10 for Audible’s general releases. Which… seems positive! Everything’s up from yesterday, too, which is also nice; the book outlasted the presale bump.

It’s also a bit of a relief because, you know. Global pandemic. I figured the book would do all right out of the gate, but you never do know, and I was prepared to have it fall on its face, saleswise. It’s gratifying to see it not stumble at the starting block. Yes, I know, I’m mixing metaphors. Work with me here, folks.

The real question for the book will be how it does in hardcover these first couple of weeks, with bookstores closed to foot traffic when they are open at all. I think we’ll be fine? But “fine” will be a relative term, and the one remaining place where I think we risk being seriously affected by the current situation. Again, we’ll see. I’m cautiously optimistic.

What I can say here is: Thank you, folks. I was a bit nervous about this release. I’m a lot less nervous now. I appreciate you. A lot.