The Sneeze

Not Sugar’s most dignified moment, but it makes for a striking picture. Hope your Thursday is going well, folks.

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  1. Better now, thanks. But if that cat has internet access and a sense of vanity, maybe sleep with one eye open?

  2. My day is going MUCH better, thank you, due partially to snickering at your extremely elegant cat and partially to the shipping confirmation email I just got from Sub Press. Very happy to see both!

  3. She looks like she’s telling a particularly grueling “up hill, both ways, in the snow” story.

  4. Sugar is asking “Why did Scalzi clean up Kiva so much in TLE?” I agree with Sugar. There were entire sentences of Kiva’s dialog (even consecutive sentences!) without her favorite word. I hardly recognized the character. But there were enough sentences with multiple occurrences to keep the average up, so there’s that.

    I didn’t recognize Sugar in black and white, either. Nice photo.

  5. My Thursday went well, thank you. I had an appointment for bloodwork but I was awake all night with cold/flu-like symptoms (to wit, stuffed sinuses), so I called in advance and told them, adding that my cold/flu-like symptoms were totally consistent with allergies. They said to come on in but wear a mask. Our masks are bandannas. (Use once and throw in the wash. Dryer kills everything.) They took my temp at the door. My temp was fine. Everyone I saw was masked and gloved. They were also doing something at carside for someone, but I was never within six feet of that.
    Also, by evening my cold/flu-like symptoms had abated. Yay!

  6. Yesterday, I finished reading some starship fiction and got The Last Emperox.

    Dammit, Scalzi, you are very good. Exceptional, even.

    Writing books that are this accessible AND this good? You might be the best in the world at accessible science fiction.

  7. Probably somewhat less controversial than another feline picture that I recall.

    But a great shot none the less.

  8. Please, don’t post of picture of me mid-sneeze. It would not be nearly so attractive. That is a lovely cat!

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