My Online Event at the Commonwealth Club, 4/17/20

There’s about seven minutes of hold music at the beginning; you can forward to the 7 minute point in the video where the event actually begins. There’s a couple minutes of announcements and then I start blathering, and I go on for about an hour. Enjoy.

Krissy at 50

It’s Krissy’s birthday today, and it’s one of those round number ones: She’s 50 now, which is kind of wild to think about. It means (among other things) that she and I have been married for half of her life now, and have known each other and been in love for even longer than that. What an amazing thing.

I think most of you know how much I esteem Krissy and how much better I think my life is with her in it, so I won’t go into huge detail about that again right now. I will say that I love her more now than ever, and that every day I wake up I can’t believe I get to be with her, and I recommit to making her feel the same about me. I think that’s sufficient to say for now.

As an aside, originally I wasn’t going to be home for her birthday — I was supposed to be on a book tour, and today I would have been in Los Angeles, at the LA Times Festival of Books, instead of spending the day with Krissy. When I was told that the book tour — and pretty much every other event under the sun — was cancelled because of the coronavirus, my very first thought, and this is no lie, was, “That’s cool, I get to be home for Krissy’s birthday.” And here I am. Silver linings and all that.

If you would like to wish Krissy a happy birthday in comments, I would not look askance upon it.