My Online Event at the Commonwealth Club, 4/17/20

There’s about seven minutes of hold music at the beginning; you can forward to the 7 minute point in the video where the event actually begins. There’s a couple minutes of announcements and then I start blathering, and I go on for about an hour. Enjoy.

7 Comments on “My Online Event at the Commonwealth Club, 4/17/20”

  1. Thanks for posting this!

    A technical question: given your mid-17th century internet connection, how do you make this work? How do you keep your hotspot from getting throttled in the middle?

  2. > There’s about seven minutes of hold music at the beginning

    Is it soothing instrumental versions of modern popular hits? :)

    I really hope they do a screen adaptation of this series, just for that scene.

  3. Glad to know I can still say OX, because it’s been very hard this past week to keep correcting! Enjoyed this, so thanks for posting it.

  4. I enjoyed watching it when it was live! I look forward to receiving the book in the mail uh…whenever that happens.

  5. I’ve now listened to “The Last Emperox” twice after listening to the first two books again in preparation. Apparently your books are my comfort food during this shit. Loved it.

  6. After reading all nine of Mark Greaney’s very dark, non-stop action The Gray Man series books back-to-back I was so delighted to read The Last Emperox and often found myself giggling uncontrollably with joy. Great job, Scalzi! And since I consumed it via audiobook, what can you say about Will Wheaton? He’s really found his footing as a narrator and makes it a pleasure to simply sit back and soak it all in. Wonderful stuff! Thanks, boys!