The Last Emperox a NY Times and USA Today Best Seller

So, there is this:

And also, there is this:

And in case you can’t see that, The Last Emperox is #6 on the New York Times Combined Print & E-Book Fiction Best Seller list, and #14 on the USA Today Best Seller list. The NYT list is looking at new fiction specifically; the USA Today list is all books of any kind. Both of these numbers, I will note, are new highs for me. I will also note that in terms of actual units, Emperox in its first week outsold both The Collapsing Empire and The Consuming Fire in their first weeks, and by a significant margin.

I am, quite obviously, thrilled. And also (and also hopefully equally obviously), so genuinely grateful that so many of you went out of your way to get this book in this last week. The global pandemic, shall we say, did not make it easy for you to get it. Thank you for making the effort to find it.

I am also so very grateful to the folks at Tor, and particularly the PR and Marketing folks (and especially Alexis Saarela, my PR person) for pulling out all the stops to get the word out, which included swapping out an entire physical book tour with an online tour in the space of just a few days. When people ask me “why work with a traditional publisher?” It’s this. This is why. Because working with smart and amazing people makes a difference for getting your book out there.

This is a good day for me. Thank you all for making it that way.