My Online Tour Setup

When it became clear that for this tour I’d be doing all my events from my office, I went out and got a fairly nice webcam for streaming and whatnot. But it turns out that it plays only fitfully with my computer and also that my sound card kind of hates it. So this is how it gets done instead: My Dell XPS laptop and its built-in webcam, stacked up on a bunch of books so the camera is at eye level and you don’t get a view of my nostrils — unless for some reason I have to use my phone, in which case I have my charging station propped up on the books and you get a nostril view no matter what because the charger back angles slightly.

Otherwise, I’m using the phone as the streaming hotspot, because it’s five to six times faster than my dedicated DSL connection. I use my Pixelbuds (in the gray case there) to avoid feedback and to be able to hear other folks. The big monitor stays on for use as a fill light, and I have a Coke Zero on hand because when I’m doing events my throat dries out fast because I’m declaiming rather than just speaking. My usual keyboard is over to the side there.

It’s not exactly a high end set-up, but it gets the job done, and that’s what I need. Maybe for the next time around I’ll make an actual little home studio or something. But for now: Here’s how it happens.

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