Zeus, Majestic

Those of you who remember when we first got Zeus might, like me, be a little amazed he is now the senior cat of the Scalzi household. But it turns out he wears the title well. Also, he still takes a pretty grand photo, from time to time.

11 Comments on “Zeus, Majestic”

  1. Well, of course he is majestic – he’s wearing a tuxedo, after all.

    I do have a soft spot in my heart for a handsome old tuxedo boy, so I do. Every time I come to the site and the banner photo is the one of Zeus leaping after an impertinent Scamperbeast (I think it’s Spice but can’t see her face to be sure), it makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing another great photo of the old gentleman, sir.

  2. Old? He’s… still fairly new, from my recollection. Feels like about 6 months since you got him, even though the Scamperbeasts are younger.

  3. He’s elegantly beautiful and obviously devoted to his family. Congratulations on attracting the very best of karma!

  4. I’m definitely in the group of people who’ve followed the blog long enough to think of him as the youngest cat in the household. Time flies.

  5. Went to the previous thread and saw that Chang, who is not Chang, had posted there.

    I don’t think that they ever got over the loss of Ghlaghghgee. Haven’t seen them post here for years. Unless they’ve changed their nom d’Internet, of course.

  6. I’m glad you’re giving Zeus the spotlight for a change. He seems to be the least publicized of your cats. Of course, being a cat, he doesn’t care. But we do. He has grown into his seniorhood well.

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