And Now, The Most Terrifying Self Portrait I’ve Done This Week

It’s the “kaleidoscope” setting on a camera app I was playing with. Yeah, that’ll stick with you when you’re trying to get to sleep tonight. Oh, and just for good measure, here it is in black and white:

Sweet dreams!

42 Comments on “And Now, The Most Terrifying Self Portrait I’ve Done This Week”

  1. I’m not seeing the effect here, Scalzi. Don’t you always look like this?

  2. Your camera app developers were too preoccupied with whether or not they could, they never stopped to ask themselves if they should

  3. Cover of the next book, I think. Although the title “Colour out of Space” is already taken.

  4. Heading over to antipope now to watch for Charles’ post about how he now must abandon the Laundry Files universe because this is more horrible than what he had planned for the next novel.

  5. Someone is bored.
    Oooo, what if I click on this button? And how about this one?
    Can I click both buttons at once?

  6. Much better (or worse, call it what you will) in black and white.

    And I think we’ve just had a suggestion you give us a burrito next. Preferably one with eyes, or at least m&m’s.

  7. The Scalzi Pit… the latest Star Wars Reccon. Boba Fett was thrown into the Scalzi Pit.

  8. I dunno, I’m getting an “ancient warrior helmet” vibe from the black and white one.

    I’m imagining it as the cover of a very history-nerd metal album. Like, if Myke Cole had a metal band? Ooh, if Scalzi and Myke were in a metal band together?

  9. I don’t know. Maybe a contest between these and the burrito pic for your new author pic?

  10. The outer circle is obviously your face all kaleidoscoped up. The very most inner part is very geometric looking. But the middle section looks like the head and mouth parts of some deep sea arthropod larva.

  11. When I saw the color photo on your blog, Laurie Spiegel’s “Old Wave” ( was playing on Spotify, and for a moment there was some kind of synesthetic/psychedelic effect at work where it seemed like the photo was PULSING….

  12. I was just thinking to myself, aren’t kittens wonderful? So soft and fluffy! I could just snorgle them forever!

  13. Although I suspect someone above was “kittened”, I may just borrow those kitteny words to self-medicate from the horror of your terrifying portrait.

  14. “Pointerstop” is on the right track I think.
    What could be more horrifying then a Coronavirus with big black glaring eyes?
    Send the picture to The Big Orange Man; he’d probably declare way on it!

  15. If you gaze long into a Scalzi, the Scalzi also gazes into you.
    It’s Scalzis all the way down.

  16. Good grief, what are you going to be doing after the next month at home? I shudder to think…

  17. After the Cyriak-induced madness, I feel the need to self-kitten. Moar kittehs, please. Possibly with a unicorn chaser.

  18. Maybe somebody will find a flower that is so horrifying looking that they’ll name it after you. :)

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