Webb School Days, Vol. 1: A Playlist

And in case you don’t have Spotify, here’s the playlist in YouTube form:

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  1. Had to get to the last two before finding something I was listening to in the ’80’s — but then I’m a little older than you

  2. Yeah, that’s about right (with more Bowie for me). I would, like Tim, add a bunch of American hardcore and speed metal to my 80’s playlist; and probably some Dire Straits, Grateful Dead and reggae towards the end.

  3. Some great deep cuts there…haven’t thought about “Your Silent Face” in years…I usually listen to “Substance” when I need a shot of New Order.

    And I second Tim and Chris on the addition of music with a bit more guitar and less synth…nd can’t forget some of the dance music either.

    Gene Loves Jezebel comes to mind…and the Beastie Boys…and Jane’s Addiction…
    and the best album of the decade (IMHO) Bad Brains “I Against I”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81ZXPeIKWEM

    Reminds me of how much I miss the old deep cuts played during the retro lunch hour on the best Collage/Alternative/Modern Rock radio station ever…WBRU in Providence RI…now off the air and signal sold to a Christian radio network.(sigh)

  4. Those are some excellent choices and a lot of what I listened to too! Must go back and have some listen….

  5. If you are interested in music like this, please check out Sunday Night Vinyl on 104.1 Real Radio (you can listen to it on iHeart Radio if you live outside of Orlando, FL) Sunday Nights 7-10PM. You can find info about it on Facebook, and Instagram. There is also a Twitter. The show is all request (sadly not live right now due to COVID 19), though the host Erik Dennison will play some new stuff with the requests. Request are made through Facebook or Instagram.

  6. Thanks Juan…I’ll check it out.

    I so miss hearing the deep cuts I have long forgotten from albums that that i don’t have (or have access to) that played on the radio back in the day.

    Deep dives into youtube help find gems like this one I came across in the recommendations from one of the videos John posted…I don’t think I have heard this since the 80s.
    Berlin city of night – Peter Schilling – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHPyEY92QtE

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize how out of touch I already was even then. Only one of these bands have I ever even heard of. I figured maybe it all dated from after I stopped listening to pop music around 1985 (because I no longer liked anything I was hearing on the radio), but I looked up the first item on Wikipedia and found it dated from 1981, so I give up.

  8. It seems my 80’s tastes are shifted slightly later than yours. I didn’t enter middle school until 1986 and was mostly listening to Golden Oldies at that time. Still a fun playlist though. Thanks!

  9. Thanks, enjoying the playlist now! The 80’s were a weird time for me, since my parents were Very Strict, so music I know about from then was either smuggled into the house by my older sister or something my friends played at school. It’s interesting how the musical vibe can still feel so comfortably familiar even though I had very little exposure to it at the time.

  10. A nice little trip down memory lane. I’m a few years older than you, so this is my college playlist mostly. Bought that OMD album my first year in college, and Talking Heads played at the new rec hall on campus (now the third generation rec hall) that year.

  11. Oops, and that OMD album I mention was actually New Order. I think I made that mistake even in 1983.

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