Krissy, Mother’s Day 2020

In addition to being my birthday, today is Mother’s Day, which gives me all the pretense I need to show off this portrait of Krissy, who is, after all, a mom. And a very good one, if I do say so myself.

Also, I’m pretty happy with this new camera.

5 Comments on “Krissy, Mother’s Day 2020”

  1. Krissy is gorgeous as always. Happy birthday to you and Happy Mother’s Day to her.

    Your photos of her over the last couple of weeks combined with the coronavirus isolation has encouraged me to let my natural hair grow out and see where my 51 year old gray actually is. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll look as elegant as Krissy does.

  2. Message to Krissy: Ma’am, your eye makeup game is, as they may still be saying, GOALS. If you have wisdom to share, I’m ready to be taught.

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