Daily Archives: May 12, 2020

The Big Idea: Dan Moren

We are all searchers of truth — some more than others. Dan Moren is thinking about the truthseekers in this Big Idea piece for his new novel, The Aleph Extraction. DAN MOREN: Truth is a binary concept: either something is true, or it isn’t. Or is it? As a certain Jedi Knight—and questionable teacher—once said, […]

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Reader Request Week 2020 #4: What It’s Like To Be a Cis Straight Man

Allison asks: What is it like being a cisgender straight man? I ask because I’m a trans woman who spent 50+ years living (or at least trying to live) according to the assumption that I was a man, but could never make any sense of the men around me. I couldn’t figure out why they […]

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Reader Request Week 2020 #3: Becoming More Ourselves

Who are we, really? Or as dchotin asks: My grandmother used to say that as she grew older, she didn’t change, she just became more the way she was. I’ve always thought there’s a lot of truth to that – people don’t really change as they grow old, but aspects of their personalities become highlighted. […]

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