Daily Archives: May 13, 2020

Reader Request Week 2020 #6: Pulling Punches in Criticism

Troy Gordon asks: Do you ever hold back in your criticism of other artistic endeavors (movies for instance) out of fear or apprehension that it will open your own work to hostile/non constructive criticism and exclude you from future opportunities? You are successful and obviously intelligent enough to know how story and character arcs work, […]

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The Big Idea: Tone Milazzo

Get out your comic books: Author Tone Milazzo is thinking about the super humans that populate our popular culture, and how they relate to the themes of his new book, The Faith Machine. TONE MILAZZO: It took me decades realize some pretty obvious things about superheroes. For example: Batman will never stop the Joker from […]

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Reader Request Week 2020 #5: Me and Sports

Go, team! Kevin Sims asks: What are your views on professional and amateur sports? Do you have a favorite sport/team? You’ve created a fictitious sport in the Locked-In universe and one of the characters from those books was a legendary basketball player, but I’ve never read a blog or a tweet from you about sports […]

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