Krissy and Me, 5/14/20

Yup, pretty much sums us up at the moment.

I think this might be my favorite picture of the two of us in a while.

20 Comments on “Krissy and Me, 5/14/20”

  1. Oh, that’s fabulous! And hilarious. And rather perfect for the times.

    Also — and remember that you’re one of my favourite authors, so I say this with all respect, but — you married up.

  2. This calls for a short poem:

    Some guy, unkempt and hairy,
    half-blocks his wife extraordinary.

    OT: Is the brick-like patterning on the ceiling a real thing, or an artifact of the camera?

  3. Would you or Kirssy be pissed if I blatantly used this as a basis for a painting of Wash and Zoe, The Later Years (In The Verse Without A Washkebab)?

  4. Oh my stars – the juxtaposition of this image with your author portrait for the New York Times is highly chortle-inducing!

  5. You know, I met Krissy at a Gen Con with you and she ALWAYS looks like she is ready to grab a bear, beat it with a rock, and make bear stew. You kinda look like you have the carrots and garlic and are like “I’m in!”

  6. Oh, the tragedy of self-inflicted…haircuts. Also, time to get rid of “pigtail” compact fluorescent bulbs (ugly, glary light…also fulla Hg, so dispose of properly) and replace with “soft white” LEDs. Dimmable if you want.

  7. People, do not be fooled! These are usurpers!

    Note the reversed writing. Note the scruffy, yet undeniably evil mustache and goatee. Note the domineering, triumphant sneer.

    This is the Mirror Universe and these are clearly the Evil John and Evil Krissy!

    Demand answers! What have they done with our beloved hosts?!

    Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

    pax / conspiratorial Ctein

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