Daily Archives: May 15, 2020

New Books and ARCs, 5/14/20

The number of actual physical books that have comes to the Scalzi Compound has slowed to a trickle (because the people who work in warehouses have largely been at home, and reasonably so!), but some books have still made their way in. Here are the ones that have arrived in the last… month? Or so? […]

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A Reminder, Re: Famous People I Know

Another one of those “post now, refer people to later” entries. I’ve written about this before regarding specific instances, but it’s nice to have something general to point people to. So, it turns out I know, and am friends (or at least I have been friendly) with, people who are notable or famous to some […]

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Reader Request Week 2020 #8: What It Means to Be Dead

Juan Preciado asks: What does it mean to be dead? For the person who is dead, not much! Because they are dead. They are no longer thinking about anything or doing anything or being anything, other than dead. Dead is a state of not; there is very little meaning in not. When I am dead, […]

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